Flashing red lights

Some help needed please. Ive been through the manual but found no answers. I was messing about in the garden tonight and noticed i had a red lights flashing slow in between the normal green flashing lights.

This video shows what is happening. It is not the battery as it is full, the IMU and compass are calibrated, and I have 16 satellites. The only thing I can think of is the Ricoh arena is very close by and it pops up with a warning telling me i have to be careful. anyone seen this sequence before?

Hi @Markb1604,

Interesting issue…

Looking at the video you posted, the red light isn’t flashing, it’s on solid, inbetween green flashes.

The solid red would indicate a critical error, according to the manual:

Does it always do this? Or was this a one-off?

Any warnings in the app at the same time?

Got a flight log you’d be able to share with us? (or upload to airdata.com)

But having now watched it and timed the red lights, I’d say yes, actually they are doing to sloooow red flashes…

Not in that list, but isn’t “red light isn’t flashing, it’s on solid, in between green flashes” when it’s in an NFZ?
The green bits indicate GPS lock - the red bit indicates NFZ.
Just powering up my MP in “my” NFZ to check.
(Must have seen it hundreds of time and can’t remember. LOL!)

Even more interesting, I can find quite a few people reporting this very same issue, but I’m unable to find any that have been definitively answered :face_with_monocle:

Dave, does the MP status light have the same colours/meanings as the Spark?

What do you call ‘very close’ Mark? Less than 20m to the yellow circle on the DJI Geozone map?

I think they all do pretty much the same for all the common reasons - otherwise it would be as confusing as hell switching between models.

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Of course - hacked firmware - my MP doesn’t do anything in an NFZ. No wonder I couldn’t remember. :stuck_out_tongue:

Recharging P2 batteries - I’m still sure this is what I remember … :thinking:

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This is the flight record from my phone:

B664D9DF-D756-47DF-B716-8A25ACBB7D12.MP4 (1.4 MB)

well a screen recording

Can’t seem to export the flight record. But it comes up with I am flying in a class D zone please fly with caution I am a mile from the Arena

Not according to your video it wasn’t :slight_smile:

That shows your battery in the red at 24% - Mystery solved I hope :smiley:


It was happening on a full battery as well, ill try exporting another file

Ah right, in which case, mystery not solved :slight_smile:

You can grab the flight records like so:

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8F873F61-A17C-40C0-B433-2117D56A1B3B.MP4 (1.5 MB)

Does it give the same sequence of flashes with beginner mode switched off?


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Ok can you post up a flight record? @Pingspike’s post above has instructions.

Just found this thread.

Seems someone else has the same issue though not with a spark

I’ll have to do that tomorrow. Early start in the morning so off to bed in a bit

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Might have found the answer.

Have a read of this thread

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Just recharged/powered-up my old P2 (in my NFZ) - and what you have is pretty much the same as what I get.
Albeit things have changed over the 5 years since I got it, it’s still basically flashing reds and greens.

P2 NFZ00000000.mp4 (9.4 MB)