Flight Characteristics Air 2/2S

After recently purchasing the Air2S I noticed a big difference in the flight compared to the Mavic 2 Pro.

I’m hoping others can confirm this and I’m not going mad, but it seems to fly in how I can only describe as fixed wing mode. its not set to FPV in the settings either. I believe this is just how new DJI craft will fly from now on adding extra safety as by doing this the sensors are always facing forward during flight.

Sports Mode: now that’s interesting with this new style of flight. Very quick, sensitive and jurkey, almost not useable straight out the box until you get to it.

Cine Mode: What’s this and bring back tripod please. I cant seem to tell a real noticeable difference between normal and Cine.

The difference between M2P and Air2S: The flight of the 2 Pro was super smooth, you can drift corners, fly in a straight line whilst yawing, like Tap-Fly.

That’s all gone now, at least to my knowledge. When performing these same moves with the Air, you will find it just banks off and starts corning.

I’m hoping DJI bring back the flight that were used to in future firmware updates.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve flown this things a couple times and I love it, It’s just a case of getting used to it.

Going to tag @ianinlondon in on this to get his thoughts.

The grass isn’t always greener ;o)

This is true, but I feel we need to get used to this for all future releases. I’m sure in a few weeks it’ll be second nature and anyone who started with the Air models will not know the difference.

Any video to share with the class ?

Is the horizon staying level in follow mode?

Video stays level it’s just the bird that banks like a plane. Will try and get a video later of what I mean. :+1:t4:

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Are you saying you have to fly it forwards and you can’t fly backwards or sideways?

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Maybe take a look at this Steve :rofl:


LOL you can but…

It’s weird and hard to explain. When moving forward straight and you go to turn the whole craft leans to make that turn as supposed to stay level and turn.

closest video without making my own

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On old skool Tx there is usually the option to mix controls so, for instance, lowering flaps also adjusts the throttle setting or rudder and aileron can be combined for turns.

I know you can adjust individual stick expo settings in the Fly app, is there a mix option too?

It’s definitely not that, that just locks your gimbal. Looks good though :ok_hand:

Okay, windy and rainy so next best thing… this is how the DJI air flys, notice the banking.

Don’t all drones fly like that, if you use the roll stick and Roll and yaw combined

If you just use the yaw you will get a flat turn


Your making me doubt my self now,

in this video I’m pressing straight up on the right still (no sideways at all) and all the turning is with the left.

I haven’t got the 2 pro to plug in at try now.

It definitely doesn’t feel or look the same as when I flew my 2P

Not with the Air 2 ( and possibly Mini 2 ) - if the drone is moving forwards and you input a yaw command it will automatically bank into the turn. I’m not sure exactly when the ‘feature’ was introduced but it was present on my Air 2 when I bought it last year

Thanks Martin, that’s what I needed to hear :raised_hands:t4:

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Not sure if you flown a Mavic 2 or any other drone that flys what I call normally, this air flys really different doesn’t it.

If anyone has DJI assistant and a Mavic 2 could you please have a go at the sim

Pressing forward - right stick
the left and right - left stick

and post the results, would much appreciate it.