Flight number 6 - Training flight and no prangs

Well been we’ve been on our sixth flight and I’m slowly getting the hang of the controls of Black Rat.
With the goodwill of my friend, we have had the use of five acres of privately owned land to make our mistakes in. Oh, and there have been a couple of those. Black Rat liked to get in the hedge on a couple of occasions with no real damage to speak of.

We have been flying predominantly the right-hand box looking out. Our next flight will be the same but the camera facing me.

Being an avid photographer I’m a little disappointed at the camera Black Rat carries, but no real issue he is in my mind training wheels till I get to be more competent. Having said that I will get into the camera settings and look at them in the next few weeks to get the most out of it that I can.

Here is our first video, a bit shabby but okay for a first attempt.
I will point out that it was a touch windy above thirty meters and Black Rat was having to work hard coming back against the headwind.

PS. Anyone got any ideas, why the video feed live to my phone, appears to lose it and break up with me unable to see anything but what clearly is a broken feed when reviewing the video after appears AIO?

Also, can anyone advise me on what type of Micro SD cards are best for video/photos on a drone?

Happy flying

Phil Out

Edited your post.

If you paste the YouTube URL on its own line, no spaces before/after, it creates the embedded player.

So …


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[Training Flight and No Prangs](https://youtu.be/RCSwg-Ie_OU)

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Mate, that’s a shocker! Worst right hand box I’ve ever seen! Are you using chopsticks? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Seriously though, you’ve got the luxury of flying in a private 5 acre field. If the field is level, you could potentially fly as low as, say, 30cm, and keep away from the wind at 30m.

If there’s a bit of a slope, figure out a better flying height… It’s not 30m on a windy day when you’re trying to build confidence.


Hey @Ned thanks for your kind advice. :star_struck:
It is only my fifth flight since the 25th December. I was just pleased I didn’t dive into the hedge like the other 4 times. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

There is about a 30 meter difference between the top of the fields and the bottom, and that is how I flew into the hedge on previous flights. I will get better, just got to slow down.

I will fly lower and slower this weekend, I promise.

Tricky Out

Thankyou @GADC_Committee for the editing of my post to show the vid
Tricky Out

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Fly smaller squares?

Have you measured it? I have a vague memory re. one of your earlier posts about signal loss I think, where you thought your drone was directly above you, but later, it turned out to be 70 odd feet away.

Have a look at elevation profiles in GE.


Will do . Smaller squares. Right cheers pal