Flight over ruins of Brogborough Round House

flight with Dji Avata using motion controller, bit windy, a short flight after exploring this dilapidated grade 2 listed house, history dates from 1500s


Hey, rather fluid motion for example at the beginning of the clip.

What were you flying?

My first guess was it was a regular FPV drone with a GoPro 11 horizont stabilization. Later at 2:49 or so it looked more like a DJI drone - holding position and rotating in one place is not something non-DJI FPV drones can do. A combination of the two? DJI FPV or Avata which you flipped between manual and assisted modes?..

Or else if it is a classic DJI drone then your control of height and gimbal is way smoother than mine. How did you (learn to) do it?? It wasn’t a Racing Edition Goggles with head tracking and Mavic 2 combo was it?

I mean a lot of your flight didn’t look robotic as so many of classic DJI drone flights do! How?.. Also was it sports mode going so fast? ATTI mode?

@atagunov I’ve moved your post over to the video thread with all the relevant information in :+1:t2:

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I was using Avata and motion remote, it was really windy but horizon lock was on so the image I could see wasn’t as levelled as the video clip, all shot in 4K didn’t have the opportunity to switch into sports mode. Thanks for your interest

I see, so Avata it was :slight_smile: It is impressive how similar and yet dissimilar the footage from Mavics and Avata can be

TBH I bought the Avata because of the goggles being more suitable for glasses wearers as they are adjustable without buying additional lenses. I’ve flown both M2P and Mini2, using 4K video, they just didn’t get the footage I was looking for, the Avata can create that easily because I’m looking at directly what the camera sees and not having to spend all my time staring at a screen whilst flying (yep I know that’s wrong) I usually fly with the wife as a spotter, except on my second flight around the snowy trees.