Flight plans

Happy new year all.

Does any one use any flight plan apps and if so are they worth the money. I have checked most out on YouTube etc, but must video and reviews are old and not positive.
I have a mavic air and want to plan some flights with waypoints with POIs.


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Litchi is the way to go.

Some of this may help …

Litchi chit-chat … What’s Litchi? Should I use Litchi?

Litchi vs Go4

Some notes on using Litchi


Thank you

Yes I was thinking litchi or DJI GS Pro

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Litchi is a brilliant tool for planning flights. Can be done from your armchair and a browser. No messing about. :+1:


As I’ve posted numerous times, I use Litchi as my flight controller 90% of the time.


Another vote for Litchi.

And same as @milkmanchris I only ever use Litchi now on all my flights, GO4 is a distant memory (ie. nightmare) :blush:


As @PingSpike and @milkmanchris have said Litchi is the way to go. It’s not perfect but has always worked well for me including RTH . For general flying it is very similar in use to DJI Go4, for waypoint use it’s in a class of its own.

If you have a tablet or desktop then using mission planner is a joy. Not only can you plan missions you can fly them on screen using Google Earth in 3D. (export the *.kml file as a Litchi Virtual Mission) . This will both check your flight path for obstacles or unintended deviations and will show you the camera view throughout so that when the weather allows and you make the flight there are no unpleasant surprises. And if oyu go back to repeat the flight days or weeks later you aircraft will follow the same path.

It’s seemingly expensive for an app, especially as so many are free (apart from ads and in-app purchases!) but it is worth the money. Look on it as an accessory for your aircraft - you’d spend the same money on an ND filter or a decent skin.


Thank you all

I have purchased Litchi and planned few Flights for when am next out. I don’t think it was to expensive plus I don’t like apps with subscriptions so litchi seems the right choice.


defo agree

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you wont regret using litchi ! a good app when you get used to it

Also, Drone Deploy is great and it is also [free]. (https://www.dronedeploy.com/) However, there are paid features within the app as well

im getting used to dji go 4 , although im having trouble with the ios version , it works great with my android.
I just flay it to the position then press c2 to record the drome position and camera angle.

Litchi does A LOT more!

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I use both litchi and dji. im going to try again , but the RTH was more accuate on dji. maybe something I did but will try again

Either app does the exact same thing on RTH … all the app does is initiate the onboard control to carry out RTH. Any inaccuracy is down to the drone recording the home location on take-off. The apps have no control over this.

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I was using a landing pad. so something may not have recorded correctly

Are you using precision take off and landing in GO, I don’t think Litchi has this, otherwise as @OzoneVibe says there should be no difference.

Not a game changer for me, I use RTH maybe 1% of my flights, and I can’t remember the last time I let it land itself.


I fly with all sensors off … :wink:


Precision landing is an onboard function, though. Go4 or Litchi shouldn’t actually change anything … I’d have thought?

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