Flight restriction in Minnack Theatre and Lands End

I went to Minnack Theatre but unluck it was closed for visitor due to a evening show yesterday. Then, I walked to Pouthcurno beach to fly the drone but DJI refuse to lead my take off due to it is within the authoritied area. When I drove to Lands End with same restriction prompt but it allowed me to flight with a reminder displayed about the authoritied area. Anyone have same experience could share. Many thanks.

Which model drone is this?

DJI removed all flight restrictions at the start of this year, sounds like you need to update your app / firmware / Flysafe database.


I fly Air2S and has long time no update the app. Did they remove all restriction.

Have a read of this thread :+1:


when i went last year becareful if you do as the general manager will come out and say there is a FRZ there and isnt etc :slight_smile: