Flight today - Sheffied

Today the weather is so good to flight in Sheffield. Can everyone suggest me anywhere to flight in. Sheffield? I live in the city center. Thanks

I can’t advise if this is any good, as it’s somewhere I’ve planned to visit but not had the chance to do so, but maybe the River Don east of Tinsley Viaduct and Meadowhall, if you’re comfortable flying from the riverside footpath?

I have tried to flight in the small part near the city station. I need to unlock the unauthorised area, U dont know why. It is warned that 1 restricted area nearby. I just came to Sheffield for 2 weeks so I didnt know anywhere to do it

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You went to Sheffield for 2 weeks !!! :scream: :scream: :scream:
Voluntary or were you forced ?

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No, honey. I will study there

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Pretty sure there’s nowhere in Sheffield city centre that you can legally fly a drone.

That’s why I want to find somewhere nearby. Not in the city centre. Do you know anywhere? Like park, space areas…

Go to Dronescene and have a look near to Sheffield.


As already noted, I’d follow the Don east from Meadowhall. It may also be possible to fly up near the old ski village near Parkwood Springs. Or I’d get on a bus up into the Peak District: Bamford / Ladybower area.

Peak district is legal place to fly. Is that right?

I saw some yellow areas like this picture below. In the yellow areas, we can flight and pay attention to people nearby or can’t flight?

Hi @Duyphan, as you’re flying a Mavic Mini, you are not required to register your drone. However, it would be well worth completing the comptency test at the registration site (free) and reading the Drone Code. You’ll see from both of those that it’s illegal to fly a drone (of any size) within 150m of a built-up area, including the vast majority of Sheffield.

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Those yellow areas usually show up on parks. Check on the council website if you can fly a drone in those parks.

Looking at that picture, the park on the left is very close to the railway and they get funny about drones being within 50m of the tracks.

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Depends where. The Peak District National Park don’t allow taking off and landing on land actually owned by them (like Stanage Edge) as opposed to land where of course you should ask permission. The NP site has a map of land they own.
As usual common sense rules.

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