Floods in North Yorkshire (MA2)

Afternoon all

Here’s some drone footage from the weekend, and thankfully the flooding caused by Storm Christoph is starting to drain away, it’s actually down a few feet in this video compared to the day before (was to windy to fly though)

It’s the River Aire, and we are about 2-3 days down river from Leeds, so tend to get all the rain and melted snow a few days later.

Mavic Air 2


Great video, not far from me.

That stretch of the A19 at Chapel Haddesley is proper fucked, still no sign of it ever opening ;o(


Really good footage :+1:

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I’m in Kellington, so getting to Selby has been a pain for the last year, now with the Beal-Birkin road a little aquatic, the journey no longer fits into the “essential” travel allowance :slight_smile:

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My goodness, that’s bad, thanks for sharing.

Nice footage :+1:

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