Fly around Wilton Windmill

Was roasting hot Sunday…went to visit a windmill open demonstration day,
where they would actually be grinding corn.

Problem was … No wind. Ha Ha.

So a quick tour of the inside workings of the windmill, then outside
to fly the Mavic.

Built 1810.




Hi Dave nice video i noticed you adjusted the F stop during the flight or was it in post processing?
just wondered Jeff

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Hi Jeff…
Not sure what I did there at the time, but the original video file on the mavic sd card was corrupted, not in the editing later.
so it must have been me trying to get the brightness down.
Hard to see the Ipad screen in full sunshine.

I know that sun can be a bitch :grin:

Need a load of Mavics to blow some wind on the sails! :+1: