Flyaway or Blown Away?

Seeing more and more stories on Mavic Mini flyways and a few on people losing them in the wind.
This video may explain why! It’s a great little drone but choose your days for flying wisely. Especially this winter :rofl:



Ha Ha. Lovin the dogs bonking at 9:30 onwards


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Some things only become apparent in editing


This brought back memories of Dover @ianinlondon :scream:


That’s an old video you’re referring to. :grin:


@PingSpike Yes Rich, although this time my only worry was whether I’d have to go traipsing over a muddy clay field to get it… :grinning:



At one point I thought you might need a roof ladder to get it back, the speed it headed back at, you pulled up just in time :rofl:

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I notice in the DJI care plan you have to provide the broken bits; they won’t pay for lost drones in other words if they blow away it’s not their fault. Doesn’t seem the most comprehensive insurance plan to me

Yes. You need to provide the damaged drone, hence they never paid when I crashed and lost it over Dover … Not bothered with it since :grinning:

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FlyIcarus don’t need the bits, just the flight logs. Excellent insurance co.

I was aware of the problems with wind and the Mavic Mini. As a new user I want to do all I can to avoid a wind related fly away.

For any other new Mavic Mini users who may be concerned by this I just found this very useful explanation. I found it very helpful, you may as well. I guess the other reason I found it so useful is because the conditions where I live are far more likely to be similar to this.

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The video also offers a wee e-book.

This is the link TRANSFORM your drone skills.

A good read for new pilots and a useful refresher for those of us who think we know everything!

I signed up for the free eBook, but nothing has arrived yet :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I would be interested to know what drones can handle this sort of windy situation. Does it come down to the power of the motors to hold their own in the wind?

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I was thinking about the video and what action I could take if I ever (unintentionally) found myself in that situation. Surely the best thing to do is try and lower your altitude so you are closer to the ground and out of the worst of the wind - bearing in mind that the Mini (at least) has no object avoidance?

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Did you watch Ian’s video in the first post here? He covers it quite well :smiley:


That’s normally the best move. You can also try putting it into sports mode (if the aircraft has it) combined with lowering altitude and being VERY careful to stay at a positive height above ground. :slight_smile:

As for your book not arriving - have you checked your spam folder?

Yep, I’ve been keeping an eye on it. Nothing, zippo.

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I did indeed. But to be honest I had issues with it. It’s common knowledge that the Mini is not made for wind and things can get out of hand quickly. That video seemed to set out to confirm what was already known and so, to me, seemed to be setting out to get into trouble. All the on-screen warnings were telling him not to do it, I just wasn’t sure what the point was.

The weight of the craft will play a bigger part in stability.

If you extended the length of the Mini arms to say 2ft long each, and fitted proportionality larger props, it’d still get blown about as much as any other craft of that size / weight :+1:t2: