Hi All,
Seems that on mavic pilots and some of the NA or international sites there are lots of discussions about flyaways,

I’ve seen some people really diving deep into the flight logs and figuring out whats going on but most of the time you see something like…

“I couldnt wait for GPS lock, took off, homepoint reset 10 miles away and my drone flew off”… Darwinism at its best there for me…

So onto my question - anyone here experienced a flyaway or a “brown trousers” moment?

Does anyone have a good preflight checklist? I’ll do a prop check, hover for a bit and land, check homepoint and GPS lock then go for a fly. Anyone do a more comprehensive list?

I’m dead new so be kind :slight_smile:

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I used to do a load of checks but now just check props, GPS mode, homepoint recorded, up 10m, 360 yaw and off I go.

try this thread:-


Pinging @Ktm250 who’s had almost the opposite of a flyaway :open_mouth:

Check this one out too @Japester:

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Love that CL. Great share!