Flying at Durdle door estate

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That’s for commercial work.

Millions of visitors on foot film all sorts there every year and don’t need any permission.


Your topic title says “email reply from” @Tonymc

But what was the reply “to”?

We don’t know what you asked them :thinking:

Maybe this? But is it commercial or hobby

No personal drone flying … however surely you can fly between low water and high water as that is crown land and not subject to their rules … equally the roads roundabout are potential TOAL sites I imagine …


To fly down there :+1:t2:

Hobby but they still want £500 for half day or £1000 for a full day :+1:t2:

Yeah and the ‘upward revision’ :sweat_smile: Money grabbing b’stards

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And this is why you don’t ask. You find a public right of way to take off and land and stick to the drone code.

Let them call the police you’re flying with in the law and if anything they should be done for wasting police time :+1:t2:


Those are for commercial filming …they don’t allow recreational flights full stop … so I’m not sure I’d say those rates are bad for commercial work in such a location…

They don’t own the foreshore, as was mentioned it’s crown land, so just TOAL from there.


You could swim out to the rocks and stand on them! … at low tide. :stuck_out_tongue:

(“The Bull” to the west, and “Norman Rock” to the east. :+1: )