Flying clubs near Ipswich, Suffolk

Are there any clubs near Ipswich Suffolk for beginners,I emailed a local club I found on Fb and never received a reply,
I still haven’t built up the courage to fly my drone.

It’s sad to think that you haven’t flown your drone yet. Have you looked here Find Local Drone & Model Aircraft Clubs - FPV UK ? I’m a little way from you, near Newmarket, but if you draw a blank let me know and I’ll meet up to help you get started.

Thanks for that, very kind of you.
I will bear that in mind if I can’t find anything local

Hi @Terryr1. I haven’t got any firsthand experience with flying clubs, but I’m only in Norwich so drop me a message if you want any help or advice. I currently fly the DJI Mini 2 and have been flying for about 18 months or so now.

If you’re looking for places to fly, have a look on Drone Scene where you’ll find lots of information on flight restrictions and good places to fly.

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Hi. I live in Ipswich.i don’t belong to a club as i can only really fly on a sat morning.
like you i am a little nerves in flying. but i found good places to fly to build up confidence
the strand whersted when the tide is out.,and around Martlesham control tower and the remains of the runway if you keep behind the broken fence. have fun

@overdrive819 @Terryr1 hiya, I’m also in Ipswich searching for a drone club. I’ve just recently got my drone and have used it the last few days in Felixstowe at night and Rushmere area as it’s nice and clear in the fields with a good(ish) view

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