Flying conditions

Obviously I’m not going to go flying in the snow/rain etc.
But I was wondering what won’t you guys fly in?

I’m happy with up to 20mph winds and keep the drone closer than maybe normal. That way if I need to ditch it, i can.

Often thought about flying in fog/early morning mist across fields but I’m not just just how damp the mavic will get :thinking:.

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I flew in mist recently, absolutely no chance I’d risk that particular shot again seeing how damp the drone was when it came back to me.

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I have flown in sleet/snow on Spitsbergen, at minus 10, with Mavic Pro, no after effects to this day.
Would happily do it again.
And was also flying Friday in 20+ mph winds with Mavic 2 Pro, she flew like there was no wind.
Steady as a rock doing a POI.


The majority of the damp will blast past the drone in the prop-wash and, in my experience, the internals and motors get warm enough for any damp to soon evaporate quickly - and, as Chis says - no long term issues despite many foggy flights.
The camera is well enough sealed for there to be no issues (since I’ve stripped mine down a couple of times [for other reasons] - I can confirm this).
It’s only the outside of the body casing and motor arms that get damp, and this can be easily wiped off.


I’m taking my Mavic Air to lake field beach today and it supposed to be fairly windy. I’ll take my kit too, just be to prepared for both outcomes :joy:

Make sure the wind is on-shore! :wink:

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Sheringham Lifeboat Day today Tim!.
As Dave said, beware of the wind, Sport Mode very handy against the wind !.
Got me out of a few predicaments.

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I’m thinking of going for a play around some of the fishing boats that are moored up on the beach.

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Look at tide tables for today, tide has just started to come in!.

I have taken both the Mavic2 and Mavic Air up in light fog / mist and I am always surprised how the lens / gimbal is always dry and only a little damp on the upper casing for the Air. They do build up heat especially around the battery cases and the motors. As I say though, only tried in ‘Light’ mist / fog and not the heavy stuff!


Er? Salthouse, Blakeney, WELLS !!!, here ,now, titter, titter !.

@UnluckyTimmeh I :notes:remember a man :musical_note:with a :broom: coming cross the :beach_umbrella: what a twat e looked :notes:

It was way too windy unfortunately. I’m sure it would have flown ok. But didn’t want to risk it.

I use the UAVForecast app. Gives good detail of weather and gps’s to your location.

Yip, myself too. Yesterday it was showing 25mph with gusts of 35, so I thought better of it :joy::joy::joy:

Just wandering if cloud inversions are possible with M2Z with lower cloud base levels.