Flying Drone on Mountains UK & Ireland

I’m part of a team climbing 4 mountains (Carrauntoohil, Snowdon, Scafell Pike & Ben Nevis) as part of a charity event.

I’ve got a Mavic Air and was hoping to capture some of the hiking and in particular get some footage at or near the peak of each mountain for part of our social media campaign in fundraising (and because it would look awesome!)

I’ve been trying to do bits of research on permissions but am just confusing myself more and more.
From what I can tell, anything under National Trust, there is a blanket ban under bylaws of flying drones off of or over their land. However, I’ve seen recent posts on here flying over National Trust.
Can anyone clarify if I’m allowed or how I’m allowed to fly on National Trust land?

Some background, I’ve got all the necessary flyer ID, operator ID. I’m planning on having the A2CofC in place by the time we go there and I’m also open to joining a flying club such as FPVUK which would give some liability insurance cover if required. Not sure if this is overkill, but I’d rather be over licensed for it than under.
I also understand the rules around distances and height of flight from land etc, this is purely about permissions to fly in those places.

Side question; if I’m fully registered for my drone under CAA, does that grant me registration to fly in Ireland for Carrauntoohil?

Thankfully NT don’t own the airspace, much as they think they do. You can legally fly over any NT land, providing there are no airspace restrictions in play.

This topic has been covered many, many times over the years, try a few of these searches or dive in here for a starter: National Trust / English Heritage


Thanks for this, some of those threads are helpful already.
I think I’ll stick to this forum for information from now on! I strayed outside into the world of Google and was immediately confused!!

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Oh dear Google, never a good idea you stick with GADC and you’ll not go wrong.


For Northern Ireland, yes.

For Republic (ie. Carrauntoohil in Co. Kerry), no.

Details and registration for Éire here:

Summary: roi_mysrs_infographic_uas.pdf (864.9 KB)

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Thanks again! That was the conclusion I was thinking for ROI so good to get it confirmed!

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This site will be useful for you for locating take off/landing spots outside of National Trust land.

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Starting to get that feeling! Amazing content on here

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Thanks, I checked this out but found the map hard work! I generally just use Drone Scene so hopefully that covers it well enough!

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Dronescene doesn’t show all the land owned by the National Trust e.g. this is the summit of Snowden from the NT land map, showing the land they own on the southern slopes.

Did you ever report this anomaly so that it can be investigated?

The Drone Scene map data is drawn DIRECT from the NT.


Are you sure of this? I may have got the wrong idea but this is what I found on Drone Scene:

Reasonably …

The Dronescene map seems to be getting the open access and limited access layers from the NT (see screenshot) - the crosshatched and red outlined areas

The full land map includes property categorised by year of acquisition, which appears to be more extensive:

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I notice you have the disposals layer ticked to show on your map. What does it look like wuith that layer switched off?

@OzoneVibe No, to be honest I just thought ‘that’s how it is’ … I use multiple sources for flight planning, so it didn’t cross my mind that there could be a fix. Hope there is, as it’s one less tab to keep open on my browser !

@macspite The same : ( … disposals are outlined in a red dotted line.