Flying field power?

I’m guessing that most of you power your field chargers from a car battery, yes? Is there any sort of lighter weight alternative since I don’t have a car and am cycling to my flying sites? I mean I’m riding a touring bike so it can carry quite heavy weights if I have to. Also how much charging do you get out of a typical car battery?

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You could always go for a HOBBYMATE H6, Smartcharger… its about “4 x 4” x 3.5"
Home charge and away charger (by attaching when in the field , another larger capacity battery than you are charging.)
Captain Drone channel on Youtube did a review sometime ago.

May help: In the field charging

A big lipo? 6s 20000mah? A lot lighter than a car battery but about £150

Here’s my solution…

at 74AHr I can charge my 7" quad pack (2600) 28 times or my Source One 5" quad pack (1800) 41 times


A truck or leisure battery will do nicely but theyre pricey and a right b*****d to carry about.
I personally use a 6s 16000mah and a idst q6 pro for field charging. I can charge 10x 1500mah 4s packs easy

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I use a car battery with my four port charger, but I also use a 50,000mAh power bank with a 240Volt AC output if I’m travelling light. Its about the size of a large paperback book and also has four USB ports and a 12Volt @ 10Amp output.

Got a link @Nidge ?

How many packs does the power bank charge?

I bought mine from Amazon three years ago. Back then I paid £90.
I got the capacity wrong in my original post, it’s actually 42,000mAh.

I originally got it so I could charge my Spark batteries using the three port charger that was supplied with the Fly-More combo as at the time it was cheaper and had a greater capacity than the optional DJI Spark docking thing.

I seem to remember that when I first got it I was able to charge six Spark batteries, three 5200mAh 3S packs, and an iPad Air before the power-bank needed recharging. The power-bank charges from zero to full capacity in about 7hrs.

The cheapest I’ve found it today is on eBay.


I just bought many more flight packs. Don’t bother with field charging mostly

You proper back on your feet James?

What I did was strip several laptop batteries for the 18650 cells and solder them together (in the correct way) with tv rf ariel copper wire.
This is a 6s 6p pack, gaffer taped up with foam so when I drop it, it should be ok.
It will charge a 6s 4000mah lipo up twice from storage. Roughly 10000mah?
It’ll supply at least a 6a continuous current.
It weighs about the same as a bag of sugar.


As far as I can tell yea

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