In the field charging

I’ve been thinking about a charging option for when i am in the field this summer and whilst I like the look of the energy devices no-one here seems to stock them and some are actually pulling them out of sale lines…I guess supply chain issues or something. Anyway…what options do I have for in the field charging? Are the things that builders have on site worth a look? what other chargers are worth getting? My ideal would be something that can charge 2 to 3 batteries fully so I can maximise a nice location and batteries.

You might want to have a quick look through these two threads …


Yeah I saw both of those threads and they’re not what I am after. I am after a Energen type machine as it is ideal for my needs but they’re like chickens teeth in the UK and the US postage cost is mental.

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Not familiar with those. Do you have a link?

Something like this?

It might be cheaper to just buy more batteries :thinking:

Or a small portable generator?

I’ve no idea if this is suitable but it’s £190 quid:

BLIMEY! You don’t need anything that large or expensive for “2 to 3 batteries”!
The small device in the “Never run out of power” thread can manage more than that, according to @BCF.

:o You could recharge for a year of flying from one of those! Ideal for the middle of the Sahara, perhaps? :stuck_out_tongue:

I spent so e time looking g thought the reviews for it and found that it has an auto power off after a set time meaning i’d have to keep going back to it to switch it back on, and it also wouldn’t be able to do more than a battery. I’ll discount that one.

@BCF has one and said it did several.
The pack is 27,000mAh, and the MP battery, from dead, is 3,830mAh … so, even allowing for 50% efficiency … it should manage 4 from about 10%.

It’s VERY portable. It would be with you,

It’s certainly what I’ll be going for. The next big trek I have in mind is over 100km … so “going back” can’t be an option for me … and portability has to be.

I copied the relevant bit from the Amazon review…i’m no electrician but based on this review its a no from me.

I purchased this purely to charge my Mavic Air Drone when on the road, as unfortunately you cannot charge it’s batteries via USB, you have to use the drones AC adapter only battery charger.

For anyone wanting to to the same (NB: this may likely be due to a combination of using the two together). A fully charged RavPower, unplugged from the mains, the RavPower initially supplies power to the Mavic Air AC adapter, and starts charging the battery, but after about 10-15mins it switches off. Powering it back up again it continues to charge the battery, but again after 15mins or so it stops. Repeat this until the battery are charged. I’ve tried this with a single battery only so far. I shall experiment again over the next few days and see if there is a way around this. I appreciate the RavPower, The DJI charger, plus the DJI batteries are all smart, so anyone of these could be pausing the charging for safety reasons (which I appreciate is better than them continuing).

The DJI adapter pulls 100-240V - 1.4A 50 60MHz and outputs 13.2v 3.79A (50W max), so well within the RavPower guidelines

One thing I’m not 100% sure about, the RavPower holds 27,000mAh/99.9Wh, my Magic Air Battery is only 2,375mAh, 27.43Wh, yet it drains 50% of the RavPower to charge it? I was expecting a lot more than that?

Having to go back to the charger (and by go back i mean stop what you’re doing and press a button) every 10/15 minutes, and carry round the smart hub…all seems a faff. A work round because the machine doesn’t do it straight put of the box…thatr puts me off. The last comment about pone battery draining 50% of the chargers power, when coupled with repeated button pressing to make it continue…add to the no dice for me.

Ideally the dronemax M10 or A20 would be perfect but as stated earlier…no UK stops stock them and those that did are removing them from their stocklines. Ordering from the USA would be a massive postage cost.

I see what you mean.
Strange that it so contradicts what someone here has said.
Let’s see what he has to say when he posts. :slight_smile:

Long time/distance off-grid is a pain.
Even DJI’s car charger is a pain … having to have the engine running!
In Italy I had to “bribe” a guy with a couple of beers to leave his engine running whilst I charged a couple of batteries.

On Instagram someone had been trekking off grid and recharging his MP from solar panels. Unfortunately, he never came back to me with the make/model.
And, I understand, that method may be too slow/unpredictable for some people, particularly in the UK.
He at least had the middle eastern sun guarantee in his favour.

Yeah I can’t imagine solar working over here for obvious reasons :slight_smile:

It is something I want to investigate further. Solar charging has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. The name is wrong now. “Sun” isn’t important, just reasonable light.
I’ve a security floodlight that has a solar panel that’s on the north side of a fence. Kept going all winter without issues.

Bloody ridiculous, isn’t it?

Without wishing to hijack the thread, anyone using a third party Mavic car charger? That works with the engine off?

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Just saw the thread title again … “In the field charging” …

I wonder if electric fence batteries can be hijacked? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Edit: Not that there are many way high up in the Dolomites, for me.)

Of course!

99% of them have a 12v car battery on the other end :wink:

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But at least one would only have to carry whatever is the response to your question. :wink:

I have an american OmniCharge and it can charge anything, it can even power my LCD TV if i wanted.

@JayForceOne Perhaps you could pick up an alternative bargain from Maplin this week?