Flying in Canada

Due to go to Canada (Toronto and Vancouver) this weekend and wondered if anyone has any insights on whether it’s worth taking my Mini 2.

This official page seems to suggest for a sub-250g drone you don’t need to register or anything, and you would be ok to fly so long as you stay 30m horizontally away from people. That seems pretty permissive though and I’m not sure I trust it to be that easy in practice.

Also somewhat nervous about taking the drone on the flight - assume it would probably be ok in carry-on, but I don’t have a li-po battery bag for my spares so am wondering if they would be ok in the fly more charger …

Overall I’m probably leaning towards not trying it this time - I’ll have my camera so can probably get enough photography out of that for the trip but keen to see what people think.

I’ve found this site to be quite useful for overseas flying …

A quick browse suggests your understanding is correct :+1: :+1: :+1:

Just come back from Canada and was going to take mine, about 2 weeks before I departed I looked it all up on site and seen that all non Canadian visitors must have a permit even for just leisure flying, but in the end didn’t, it looked like the department that issued permits was closed online anyway? So I didn’t risk it! Gutted really, I was in BC in the Rockies at it was stunning! Good luck if you do fly. :wink: