Flying in Culdrose FRZ

In a week or so I’m going to the south west for a break and hoping to fly the MA2. Staying in Helston as a central point. I tonight checked out the ‘Drone scene’ and with only NOTAMS and DJI NFZ checked i get a result like this…Where can I fly my drone in the UK? - Drone Scene
Should I not bother taking the drone or am i missing something obvious?
I have already made a list of spots as suggested by @TMVideos
Any input would be appreciated guys.
Edit: If it turns out that i’m reading this correctly, is there a way to remove / turn off DJI’s NFZ database?

What happened when you rang the phone number listed in the FRZ on Drone Scene to ask for permission to fly there, Mike?

Did they decline your request? :thinking:

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You can fly in Helston with permission. Usually they will give it but getting a letter to upload to DJI can take 24hrs.

Call the number 01326 552 415 for the tower and ask.

To be fair I live in Helston, pretty centrally and still manage to fly locally. All the beautiful spots are out of helston anyway, lol

You can try

Praa Sands
Tregonning Hill
Carn Brea
The Flat lode
Falmouth Estuary
St. Ives
Hayle Estuary

To name a few, your biggest challenge will be the weather and wind.

Good luck with it and make sure you get a pint in The Blue.There is normally a good sing song on a Thursday night.

@PingSpike not rang them yet as i’m still at home. TBH i’ve never made that type of phonecall to any authority.

@TMVideos i don’t under stand what you mean by this Usually they will give it but getting a letter to upload to DJI can take 24hrs.

What letter? Now i’m totally flumoxed.


If you’ve got a DJI drone Mike @Speedbird you need two sets of permission.

One from ATC - ring them on the number(s) listed on Drone Scene. That’s the all important and legal approval that you must have.

Then you need to get second approval from DJI, otherwise they won’t let you take off in that area :roll_eyes:

DJI will probably want to see your ATC approval / proof before unlocking your drone for you.

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I got approval from RAF Luechars to fly in St Andrews as well as other civilian based FRZs but up to now I’ve just either ticked the I agree disclaimers or recieved a pin from DJI to input. So wonder where a pre notified letter applies?:thinking: I have a mini 2 so not sure if that makes the difference (they were definite FRZ and not just Class D airspace).

@D0c.Col @PingSpike @Speedbird here is my experience.

When I got my DJI Mini 2 the Flynow app wont let me take off in the FRZ (rightly so). I wrote an email to Culdrose and the response was as follows:

We can grant permission for drone flying in the Culdrose and Predannack FRZs normally on the basis that the airfield is closed and there is no scheduled flying. There are some occasions depending on where the flying is taking place that we can deconflict as well and allow drone flying.

To get the ball rolling we would need to know the following:

  • UAV type and weight
  • Area of operations
  • Planned date and timings of operations
  • Your Operator ID and Flyer ID
  • Best contact number for yourself

It is also on the condition that the drone is not flown higher than 400ft and is flown within 500m/VLOS.

Generally it can be approved pretty quickly and on the same day if all the information is there and there is no need to deconflict with flying but obviously just depends on what is going on here. Friday afternoons and weekends tend to be the best times as there is much less going on.

The Air Operations Officer (cc’d) is another POC for drone bookings if I am unable to get back to you during the week. In regards to weekends, if you call Culdrose Air Operations on 01326 552415 or if you can’t get through then the Standing Officer of the Day on 01326 552125 and they will be able to advise if there is any planned flying or any other issues that might get in the way of drone flying.

So if I fly, I called up the Air Traffic Control Tower (ATC) and Culdrose and talk to them. They are super helpful and very patient. Depending on the day there are normally two outcomes.

Mon-Fri = They are flying and you can fly as long as they have nothing planned and then agree and grant you permission to fly.

Fri after 3ish - Sunday night = They are generally not flying so more than happy to let you fly.

Either way they want to know when and where, so they can add to NOTAMS. They are less like to answer the phone during the weekend. So best to ask for pre-approval.

They will ask you for your for the following.

  • UAV type and weight
  • Area of operations
  • Planned date and timings of operations
  • Your Operator ID and Flyer ID
  • Contact Number whilst Flying

They will then log it and give you a reference code

They sometimes ask you to call the tower when you are starting and then when you end.

Then you go to the DJI site and fill out the form.

This is where you are asked to upload a Document.
I have posted on there many times and sometimes if its in the hours they are flying I get a letter other times I have the legal approval and ref code so just upload a text file saying I have called the tower and been given permission with the following details (as above) and the ref code.

It has only been turn down once and I just resubmitted and it was fine.

Then as always you have to follow the law for the class of drone you are flying.


@PingSpike stupid question time. If I speak to ATC and get authority verbally, how do I convey that to DJI? Surely I’m not expected to ask in advance and get it in a letter?
I’m going to be so pissed off if I travel all that way and not get the drone up.

I just make a txt file on my computer with all the info and the reference no they gave me. Stating that I have called ATM and been granted permission with this ref code.

Like I stated above there are loads of other areas to fly

With DJI you are :roll_eyes:

As @TMVideos said, once you’ve got ATC approval then go here to request an unlock from DJI:

Or buy an Autel, Yuneec, Hubsan, etc :blush:

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Or depending on what you fly look at drone hacks for removing the rubbish :wink:

I’m now being a pillock, i have no number on Drone Scene (i have a number from @TMVideos) but nothing showing in Drone Scene.

It’s definitely there!

@TMVideos I don’t think this is going to happen. There is no way I have any idea where i will be flying in advance of the arrival time at any point.
I’ll just go somewhere that is not covered by their FRZ.
This is all new to me as after flying for 5 years, i’ve always been in areas where there are no issues, even with the poxy DJI NFZs and I can really do without the grief.
I have plotted all the other locations you gave me so will check them out.
Thanks again

@PingSpike Yup got it now, I had the DJI NFZ ticked and not the FRZ.
Or buy an Autel, Yuneec, Hubsan, etc If that was said tongue in cheek then you’re a mile off. That is exactly what i’m going to start to look at.

@milkmanchris Or depending on what you fly look at drone hacks for removing the rubbish :wink: I fly MA2 but will be checking out what you said…off to youtube we go!

Don’t forget the GADC exclusive member discount

@milkmanchris :white_check_mark:


That’s my luck through and through.
Thanks for the pointer though.

@Speedbird I’m only down the road from you in Wigan, shout if you want to meet up at some point and have a look at some Autel drones :slight_smile:

@Speedbird If you need any advice when you are down here just ask. I grew up in Helston so know the area and this end of Cornwall very well.

As I have said before, your biggest challenge will be the weather.

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