Flying in Culdrose FRZ

Indeed they are :slight_smile:

My offer still stands if you want to try before you buy, Mike, just shout mate.

@PingSpike I might just take you up on that in a couple of weeks or so if that’s ok. I have looked at a couple of YT vids and they appear, at least the orange nano one like a toy. They get good reviews however. and expensive compared to the DJI equivalent, Mini3.

Nano premium with 3 batteries £859

Mini 3 and flymore £869 (standard like for like remote)


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@Speedbird I presume you came to Helston and enjoyed your holiday here?

Where did you go and did you manage to get some flights in?

Came, stayed, got pissed on, got fed up and came home. Far too much shit for me, 800 miles for nothing really. Plus £4.00 for a pasty. Not be going back any time soon. But thanks for your interest :grinning:

To be fair you did come at the worst time of year!! lol, did you at least go in The Blue?

Found the local Wetherspoons and had a good time in there also found Anne’s Pasties, other than that, nothing,nada,nowt. Went into Saint ives but could not find a parking space , bloody tourists😄

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