Flying in France - Registration & Exam for leisure flights - Air Space Map

I am off to France next month and just found out that since Sept 2018, drones over 800g need to be registered, insured and you need to take an online exam (the Mavic 2 Pro weighs 907g). I was delighted to find that it was quite a simple process. I should admit that I had about 6 goes before I passed! There are 20 multiple choice questions to answer and some of the answers are quite cunning and you must start again each time you fail. It costs nothing and you can print off your registration certificate and certificate to prove you have passed the training. You must attach the registration number to your aircraft, and it must be readable from 30cms or less. Both certificates are valid for 4 years and you have to have them in your possession when you fly.

An interesting and IMO a worthwhile exercise. I hope the British version will be very similar and cost nothing too. But I have my doubts. The website is at and you can read it in English (see bottom r/h corner of website to change language). The exam questions are in English too.

The French FRZ map can be found at Géoportail and looks like the map has measles. Each group of houses seems to have its own NFZ (Red -Forbidden to fly at any time, Pink – OK to fly up to an altitude of 30m, Orange – OK to fly up to an altitude of 50m, Yellow – OK to fly up to an altitude of 100m & White – OK to fly up to an altitude of 150m. These zones relate to leisure flights and I have no idea what the score is with commercial drone flights.


Great info! Thanks for that!

Is that a typo mate? Did you mean ‘since Sept 2018’ ? Or ‘from Sept 2019’? :thinking:

Where in France you going ? I am off to Manzac, with Phantom Flight School.

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We are going to Bordeaux area. I bought my drone from Phantom Flight School and saw the drone holidays and was interested but dates were not suitable. Looks like a good itinerary. #pingspike - sorry, a typo, it was Sep 2018.


I’ll edit the original post to 2018.

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Thanks for sharing :+1:

I found the test was very good ,very similar to our Drone code. I too have my french registration. Hope to go to France soon.


Very helpful!!! Thank you!

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I visit France on a regular basis, just completed the Registration of my drones and done the “Online Drone Exam” for certification to fly in France.
If you do fly in France without registering your drones and without doing the Online Training, Heavy Fines and Possible Imprisonment can be imposed.
It is free to register all your drones, and I not exactly difficult to do the training !.
You have to watch all the videos, before you can do the exam.
Here is the web address:

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Thanks for posting this @Harbrimar
Just completed, passed on 6th attempt.
Drones registered.
Will be legal now this year


Hi all
I am really struggling with one question on my French drone test
i have 19/20 correct see proof!
but Q18 defeats me, its any combination of the 4 answers
I have rewatched the “learning” but when i go to “Learn more” where i assume the clue is the page doesn’t exist
I dont want to cheat, so can anyone answer the question, and explain why?
Please, I need to pass this today!

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Assuming the French privacy laws are the same or deviate very little from those in the UK, I would say the first answer is the correct one. The other answers make no reference as to whether the pictures are being taken in a public place or not, where there is no expectation of privacy in a public space.


I agree with that , but apparently more than one is correct!

I’m torn with a or b.

it could be both!
Its NOT 1 and 4 together
will try 1 and 2

No its not 1 & 2 or 1 & 4

In that case. 1 2 and 3?

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That would be my 1st attempt.


No its not 1 & 2 or 1 & 4 OR 1,2,3…Help!!!