Flying in Guernsey

@ScottishYorkshireMan I read little about you mention Guernsey think I have sent you questions but not sure, New to this site, if you could give me the heads on it would appreciate

Hi, you can fly your drone there. However island is small and airport runway aligns east-west. This means most air traffic comes over st Peter port or from just south of Lihou Island. Now first up Guernsey ATC are very helpful, but it will depend on your drone type.

If you are flying a dji product they enforced the rules that came in March 2019.

This means rather than the Guernsey ATC rules of 2 nautical miles from runway you now have to deal with a much larger exclusion area. Most of the south of the island is no go, the geofencing rules block it. At least they did when I was last there.

I only managed to fly properly at Lihou Island, which was actually superb. You can go across at low tide but watch out for the bird reserve on the far side by the Venus pool.

You cannot fly on the front at st Peter port this is restricted and Jerbourg point is excellent but the new exclusion area prevents flying there now.

So, I hope this helps. If you have a boat make use of that, Herm is good too. Dont take your drone to Sark, you will likely be arrested and your drone seized. Something to do with the Barclay Brothers owning a big chunk of the area i was told.

Good luck

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Hi @ScottishYorkshireMan
Thanks for the info, I have checked out DJI No fly zones and it’s not the end of the world there are still plenty of places, I was going to do the Hommet and Cobo which is outside of it, I have the ATC number so will double check I am ok to fly, I have the relevant Insurance as advised on a website for flying in Guernsey and completed Theory and Flight assessments for PfCO so responsible enough to take heed of any information once again thank you obtw been to Lihou it is fabulous