Flying In New York City USA

Two things here:

Firstly, successfully filed an application with e-AAN to fly in Portugal again, waiting for their response within the next 59 days. Flown there before and used e-AAN before, so if anyone would like advice, don’t hesitate to ask.

Secondly, am looking to fly my DJI Mini 2 in New York City this summer. Looked up advice from the FAA, and took a TRUST test, this is mandatory to fly anywhere in the USA, and also registered my drone. A bit confusing as there is info saying any drone under 250 grams does not need registering but any drone for recreation needs registering, so registered anyway. For any advice with this please do not hesitate to ask…

Finally, you can’t fly in New York City. But . . . There are places where you can. Here are some links with info:

Hope all this helps.

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No need to register under 250g - but if over you do. However once registered you will need to display the number on the drone. Having registered you can use the extended battery of course.

You also need to register if using commercially under Part 107 (which is another test, to sell or use any images commercially - even YouTube can be commercial)

I would be wary about some third party sites - they are not that accurate and you certainly do not want to upset the local police!

Avoid Manhattan essentially.

Xavier who runs this youtube channel is from NYC and might be able to offer some pointers. Not sure if he has made a video as to where to fly.

Thank you for that advice. Absolutely right about the registration, but figured to do it anyway.

Found Xavier’s email, I will reach out to him, as you say, he will have the best, most accurate and up to date information and advice.

Thanks again.

Let us know what he says

I will do

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No answer from him so far.

Still no answer, however, I’ve done my own investigation and contacted the FAA as well as NYC Mayor’s Office. This is the FAA response:

"The operation of UAS in NYC is highly restricted on several levels. Due to the proximity of three major airports (LaGuardia, JFK and Newark) along with several heliports, prior ATC airspace authorizations are required for most areas within NYC. The legality of a UAS flight, with regard to FAA regulations, is generally a matter of ensuring you fully understand the airspace, obtain authorizations when required, and comply with all safety recommendations and regulatory requirements as they pertain to a particular UAS operation (Recreational or Commercial).

Unfortunately, it is not nearly as clear-cut on the municipal level. There are currently only a few locations within NYC that UAS operations are allowed without prior written authorization. These areas are identified on the NYC Parks Department website. Any operation conducted outside of these preapproved areas require prior approval, which is obtained through the NYC Police Department.

The NYPD is very proactive when it comes to locating unauthorized UAS operations and will not hesitate to arrest the operator and confiscate the UAS. Conducting UAS operations on, or from, private property with property owners permission will not shield you from prosecution. It is the UAS operator’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with local municipal laws/ordinances, as it is possible to be in full compliance with FAA regulations and still encounter legal issues from a local government agency. Conducting a legal UAS operation in NYC is not impossible, but it requires extensive preplanning to include proper written authorization from both the FAA (airspace authorizations, if required) and NYPD."

Here is a link to the NY Parks Department for flying:

I’m also going to contact NYPD for their advice too, for the park I wish to fly in, this is the precinct:

Has anyone here ever flown in New York or Washington? I’m going to both places in two weeks and was wondering what it is like. I’m going to take my Mini 3 Pro and I have a TRUST certificate

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