Flying in Norwich

Hi there , I live in Norwich city and have just bought my first drone. I’m trying to find a place that’s safe to take it for my first flight, but all the airspace looks restricted on the NATS drone assist app, plus eaton park guidelines say that they don’t allow drones (is this strictly enforced?). Any advice for locations would be much appreciated. I don’t have a car so can’t travel too far outside of the city.
Also, anyone interested in a meet up just let me know


Norwich doesn’t look too bad outside of the main FRZ:

Check it out:

eaton park look ok, and the great broad

Welcome @connols2 by the way :blush:

Simple you take off from South Park Avenue verges, then walk in the Park !.
Better still talk to me, I am always up for a meet.
I live about 400 yds from the Park.

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thank you!

great thanks, I’ll let you know next time I’m heading out!

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I know this is an old thread but wanted clarification. Last night I ordered a DJI Mini 2 after finding a good deal but cancelled it after looking at various websites as there seems to be nowhere to fly near me.
I live a stones throw from Eaton Park and UEA. Norwich parks appear to ban drones with cameras and so does UEA. I was hoping to fly and take video. I don’t want to drive miles every time I want to fly. Nor do I want to break laws or annoy people. I have never seen a drone flying over the park or the Yare Valley.
Is it as restricted as it seems?


Being private the UEA have the power to restrict take off and landing on their land, but not flying over it. Take off from an adjacent piece of public land and your good to go. Eaton Park, although I don’t know it I’m assuming is a council run recreational space. That being so the only thing that can stop you taking off and landing from there is a current and appropriately displayed bylaw or a CAA NFZ. Check the borough or district council websites (the bylaw will be on there) and also check all entry and exit points to the park. They are required by law to display it at the boundaries of the land it pertains to, normally this is on gates or information display boards.

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The CAA have FRZ, have a read of the following

Thanks. Maybe I am worrying needlessly.

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I knew you where the man who would know lol

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