Flying in the Highlands of Scotland?

According to almost the entire central highland, from Spean Bridge up to Durness is a restricted no fly zone.


Almost the entire Central / Central West more of the Scottish Highlands is a fracking no fly zone? That can’t be right.

Here’s a sample. but it covers hundreds of miles!


For how long?

I suspect it’s because the RAF treat that part of Scotland as their playground…

probably RAF prepping for possible conflict in Iran
they’ve been told to go out and practice lol


This will definately be the RAF may also be linked to the Mach Loop in northw wales as they regularly connect the 2

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It always has been (I say ‘always’… since 2002 at least). There are four restricted areas, R610A-D, covering a lot of the Highlands for military training flights.

It used to be active Mon-Thu 2pm-10pm/3pm-11pm (summer/winter), but looks to have changed to be activated by NOTAM.

Search for R610 in ENR5.1 for the details (and the contact number if you’re looking to fly there when it’s active).

I’d say if there’s no NOTAM then you’re fine, but give the number a ring if unsure.

As a semi-interesting aside… I grew up in the Highlands and the Harrier pilots used to use my primary school as the target for their practice bombing runs two or three times a month. Not sure they’d get away with it now, but it was pretty awesome.


I’m not 100% sure, but it looks like NOTAMs show up on the dronescene map with a blue outline. Maybe one of the admins could confirm that? Any idea how a NOTAM covering the whole of the Highlands Restricted Area might show up?


They all show up in exactly the same manner as they do on Drone Assist.


Can’t think I’ve ever seen one covering the whole of the HRA on Drone Assist. Just lucky timing I guess.

Same. But it’s there now. :wink:

Either something new has been introduced, or the data supplier (to both) has recategorised what was already there in another layer.


As far as I’ve seen, the red warning area for the HRA is always there… just mostly it’s not active. I’ve dropped NATs an email to see whether they overlay it with another notice if there’s a NOTAM. :slight_smile:

The people that supply the data (Altitude Angel) may be able to assist. Chances are few of them are aware of the new use of their data by our DS site, so best use DA in any emails … since they should all be aware of that.

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Good point. Emailed NATS because I was using their map portal, but they’ll probably bounce it to Altitude Angel anyway so I’ve sent them the same to cut out the middle man :wink:

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Very soon, this will be the global drone restriction map. #WW3 :wink:


500 ft easy for the RAF below 50 ft just takes practice.notam states Monday to Friday for no fly zone


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I doubt the military will put out a specific Notam.
However you can always ring the Low Flying Booking Cell on 0800 515544.
We often get Galaxy, Chinooks etc flying very low here in the Peak District. These things can be on top of you before you hear them sometimes.
They will want to know Lat/Long and times and possible max height. They then reroute to avoid you. When I said this is a bit strange I woould have thought they would tell you to avoid certain times/places they said they never give that information out. Makes sense as someone with ill intent could lie in wait.


I find the whole thing a bit “off”. How do they get to use the entire central section of the Highlands as their very own playground, effectively making it out of bounds for anyone else.

Sorry, I’m in “Grumpy Old Man” mode this evening. We’re just here to pay our taxes and shut the feck up.



I’m probably being a bit dense here (per usual), but I don’t see any active NOTAMs for any of the R610s for the Scottish FIR. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Just checked on Skydemon, I don’t see any current low level rectrictions in that area

Looks like the software is mistakingly taking R610 as being a permanent restriction