Flying Inside

In contrast to the landscape and historic stuff I like, here’s a store interior I shot a couple of years ago. Let’s hope I get this post right and it does embed the player this time…



Great stuff Gavin, was that your Phantom?

Phantom 4 Pro using Tripod mode mostly. There was a point where the machine decided it just couldn’t move though…

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Just for completeness, the music is from the amazing band The LaFontaines track is King - I did ask permission to use it in the original - hope this is OK guys.

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Video embedded just fine :smiley:

Out of interest, what was directly below it at that point? Was it a continuous surface that it couldn’t get a VPS lock on? :thinking:

HaHa!! - :scream: you’re imagining that I wasn’t so stressed that I actually had a clue about what was happening!
I had just gone over the stairwell and I think there was a pillar to the right, wall to the left and some signage ahead - why it wouldn’t come back a bit I don’t know. Something to do with the depth of the stairwell or lack of detail (or repetition in the detail) in the floor / stairs perhaps?
Anyhow I took it out of tripod and got control of it again and continued with jelly knees!