Flying near Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA)

Hi all,
hoping to clear up where I can fly safely please from the collective experience on here. I am a newbie and first and foremost want to make sure I fly safely and responsibly. I wanted to fly at a few spots near to my home which is close to Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA).

Having checked the drone safe website I can clearly see the airspace that’s regulated as a no fly zone.

I subsequently learnt about drone assist app which seems to have a larger no fly area aroud LBA? I wondered which one is correct?
Do I need permission to fly inside the drone assist area or should I be fine if I’m ok according to the drone safe one? The DJI app also shows me as outside of the no fly zones too.

I suppose the easy option is to only fly outside all of them. I appreciate these all pull data for the no fly zones from various sources so there will always be a bit of inconsistency and common sense needs to prevail. I would appreciate your collective thoughts on this though or if anyone else has had similar at other airports on the various maps. I have attached both pics with a location outside on one map and inside on another for reference.

Many thanks in advance and apologies if this is just me getting a bit muddled as a newbie

That area is the CTR you can ignore this as it doesn’t apply to drones.

For reference the below is the process if you ever do want to fly in the FRZ. Which is the circular area with the line through it.

Also you might find dronescene much more informative for flight planning

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Also last comment from me might be worth still letting them know (even if it isn’t required) given the close proximity to Leeds heli port and with the air ambulance being based at Leeds Bradford.

Great! thank you for such a quick and detailed response.

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I flew at Holbeck a couple of weeks ago with no problems at all (except for the wind).

You’re welcome…

Flew at Holbeck, wow, your brave!!, bet they thought the illegal substances were being flown in!!

I was on the Network Rail yard doing a quick vid for one of the private yard owners, so I was playing chicken with a brand new Class 195 set (Air 2 versus train). I’ll put a clip on here soon.

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Do not trust DJI apps in respect of no fly zones.

But its worth checking on there before you go as they put restrictions on areas where there shouldn’t be any and you may want to unlock the area ready for when you get there

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Can someone tell me how to download Application form to fly in NFZ in Leeds Bradford Airport I have been sent a link but can not get it to open.

Email the address and say the form doesn’t appear to be downloadable from said page with no further detail of where to obtain it.

Hopefully they will reply with the form and b will notify whoever looks after the site to actually put a link to the document.

I have already done that waiting for a reply back service at LBA is not very good sent them a request to send me Application form to fly in NFZ 3 weeks ago did not get a reply back sent them one today got a reply back can you send post code so we can check it’s in a NFZ all I want is Application form to fly in NFZ.

Copy the link and post it here

The link they have sent me does not work

They might not want anyone flying there! :rofl:

Just received this the link they sent me still not working

You say it’s not working but you have managed to download the form to fill in :man_shrugging:

Complete the form and email it them back

That form is terrible. There’s no need to know your address, they should be asking for Operater and Flyer IDs instead.

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This is what they sent me in another email first link still not working.