Flying near the transmitter tower at Holme Moss, West Yorkshire?

Hi has anyone had any experience flying at Holme Moss, I’m a new flyer, DJI Mini 2 SE, just wondered if the mast had any effect on controlling the drone, thanks

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Looking at photos of the mast. It seems that it has microwave stuff on it and that would play havoc with your drone for sure if you were to get too close. Also loads of cables coming off the tower too. So it depends on how close you get to it really as to what impact it will have.

There is a very good chance it will play havoc with your drone. Any high powered transmitter will have some affect but microwave signals are not that different to frequency that your drone operates in.

I notice that the Mini 2 SE has DJI O2 as its video transmission system.
I know that the Mini 2 had OcuSync 2.0 that seemed pretty reliable, so I do wonder if the DJI O2 will be as robust at dealing with the potential interference from the tower?

Take it slow, and keep an eye on the signal strength between the drone and the controller and make sure that it will activate Return to Home if it loses signal (you dont want it landing or hovering in place)!

Thanks for the info, maybe i could try flying from the car park which is a distance from the mast and fly in the opposite direction towards Holme Firth.

That would be a safe bet for sure. Also no real point in getting too close to the tower as it would not look like much anyway.

interesting bit of background

old but interesting

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We should organise a meet up Winter Hill one day, Rob :slight_smile:

Sounds like a plan

Having lost all video and control of a DJI FPV (which I believe uses O3 for transmission) flying around a similar transmitter, I’d avoid it, or indeed take it very very slowly. Luckily in my case it flew back a few minutes later on RTH, but not before I’d turned my boxers a similar colour that @DeanoG60 did on Saturday!

Walked up there a couple of times from my friends apartment in Bolton. Could see it from his place.

bit off topic but yes there is a series of valleys off the grane road that looks like perfect vlos for wings and some speed runs

around here, hoping to scout out a good tol point an parking when the weather is good

but I would be up for a winter hill meet, around

would be good for a meet, but a bit of a walk… may be a bit too exposed to walkers though