Flying on a public beach

I was recently flying my DJI mini 2 at Bracklesham beach when one of the plastic foreshore officers came over to me and said " hello mate i am going to be the one" i said one what, he then said , you cant fly here there is a sign over there says no drones… i said it dont apply to me my drone is under 250g so i think you need to inform the council to take that soppy sign down…It was not like i was flying low or beinga pest to anyone, most of my flying was out around 200 yards and up around the same. .Bracklesham beach is a public beach with public right of way, i explained i am on public ground and even in a public car park… he didnt have a clue when i said its perfectly legal under CAA rules about under 250g and then said ok im going but you have been told, so dont say i didnt warn you… i replied and you jave been told what is incorrect and that i can and will be flying my drone… it is ridiculous for councils to think they can just go round putting up signs and not know the actual laws on drones… it is not a private beach and is not owned by anyone other than the council/people and is public right of way…, that makes it belongs to the people… , i took a pic of the sign showing no drones, but went ahead and flew it and got some nice footage… chichester council need to get their act together and change old signage.

Could have confused him even more and mentioned the permissions the now King has given us for foreshore flying.


If you ever want to check bylaws, and not assume the lets-hope-no-one-questions-this-no-drone-icon sign, Simon Hawkins is your friend

You should be OK there, it’s Crown Foreshore from East Wittering all the way to Bognor, so between high and low tide marks (for TOAL), Go for it!

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I frequently fly my Mini Mavic Pro 3 on this beach, so I’ll be sure to give the same response! Maybe the Drone sign needs to say over 250g, just so no other do-gooders think we aren’t allowed. I normally carry a Sharpie pen in my van :rofl:

Bollocks to 250g i fly all my drones at the beach from the mini 3 to my great big 3kg tarot 680 pro. Granted it’s Morecambe so not so snobby up here but still crown estate.


The nearest crown foreshore to us is Arnside.

Er iI know my point is we are oop north and aint snobs.:rofl::rofl:
However it is owned by the Dutchy of Lancaster who have given the same permissions. As the monarch and dutchy are the same person to simplify things.

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Please elaborate on this

This will elaborate …


I was specifically asking about “permissions the now King has given us for foreshore flying”, I am aware of the existing foreshore permissions.
I live in North Somerset where the council has banned all drone flying on their property including the foreshore in Weston super Mare where they own all of the beach right into the channel. I was hoping for some relaxation on these rules.

Just fly from Somerset County Council highways - a lot of the roads are not owned by North Somerset. Beach Road & Regent Street are not owned by them.

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I wouldn’t bet my house on that

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I think that was a reference to the change in the Crown.


:point_up: this

To quote from their own document
It starts off looking a bit restrictive
Permission will not be granted for hobbyist pilots to take off, film over, or land on council land or property”

However they do seem to score a home goal when the cite requirements for flying a drone where the very first line reads.

" Requirements
The below guidance applies to flying UAV that weigh between 250g to 25kg."

So you have to presume that the guidance does not apply to sub 250g being excluded from the document.
Anyone else reading it that way??

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They clearly state that the requirements for permissions do not apply to drones under 250g and, therefore, nor do any of the restrictions. Furthermore, they cannot ban flight / filming OVER their land.

Also, my understanding is that they cannot state any of this without an actual bylaw, which they almost certainly have not passed or it would be quoted. I do not believe they have any statutory right to just create a licensing requirement without one.

Caveat: I am neither a lawyer nor can I claim any expertise.



I’ve flown my mini 1 lots of times at Bracklesham, the only issues I’ve ever had are the homeowners of the beachfront properties asking me if I’m casing their houses?

Its a lovely beach and 100% legit to fly on
Here’s a 360 taken this year, taken towards the medmerry