Flying with out moblie data

good morning, i have a couple of silly questions.1 can i fly mini 2 with out mobile data because gps will pinpoint my home point when i am out flying. question 2 if i buy this alba 4 mobile phono can i fly with this and will i need a sim card i don’t whant to top up 2 phonos,im getting feed up keep taking my phono out of its case and fixing it on to the controller.thank you phil

You will require either a mobile signal, or WiFi, in order to create a DJI account and also to activate a new drone.

After that, the only time the DJI Mini 2 ever needs the internet or mobile data is if you wish to have maps available. Maps are a personal thing, many use them, many don’t.


ok that that one solved thank you

I very much doubt that Alba mobile will have the grunt to run the DJI Fly APP.

The DJI Fly APP is becoming more and more resource hungry with every update, so much so that DJI are now removing Android devices off their compatibility list. As an example example when V1.4.2 of the APP was released both my Huawei devices, P30Lite and M5Lite8, were on the list. Now with the release of V1.4.8 those two devices, along with others, have been removed.

At this rate the DJI Fly APP will soon be incompatible with any Android device.


thank for that ,that terrible as i have Huawei p30 it going to be a rich mans hobby

another sill question. i can get a 2nd hand i phone 8 will it update to v 11.0 or later

The 8 does struggle a little bit with the fly app (it is getting on for 4 years old) Better to look for a an X or above

thank you

I haven’t updated to the latest version (1.4.8) as there seems to be issues irrespective of which Android device you have, but I am running the previous version (1.4.4) and so far I’ve not experienced any issues on my P30Lite.

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thank you i wont update

I don’t have data on the phone I use purely for the RC and Fly app either. Still I want to use the maps whilst flying on occasion; like when you don’t know which way your drone is facing after a yaw turn.

I got a tip off YT regarding pre-loading maps.
In short I open the Fly app maps on my phone, whilst still at home with WiFi available, and navigate to the place where I know I will be flying.

When i get to that place with no data available… or don’t want to tether my normal phone… I have the detail of that map in cache and ready. It has worked every time so far.

If I can find that YT video I’ll post it here later.

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here it is… pre-loading map cache

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A the price of some of the phones and gear it already is a rich mans hobby!!! :sweat_smile:

I use my mobile on hotspot and connect my Smart Controller to it via WiFi for maps, but sometimes I forget and just fly, it seems ok without a data connection

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thank you all for some very good information.hooray for gray arrows drone club


I currently use an s9+, worst case I will use which ever Samsung is my current handset (currently an s21 ultra)

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