Flywoo explorer setup

Hi I have just bought a flywoo explorer with xm+; receiver and I also have a frsky xlite controller, flywoo say it should be easy to set it up but I’m not getting very clear instructions from them so thought I would join and ask here. Hopefully someone can help? Happy to pay money.

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no money needed here buddy, we all give our knowledge for free.

but we are going to need more information about your specific issues.

are you having issues binding the quad to your radio or is it more the software setup that you’re having issues with?

oh and welcome to the club :grin:


Buy Crossfire, Tracer or Ghost and save yourself a whole lot of hassle :grin:

Heres a video for binding but you need to make sure youre running the correct firmware version on both the radio and receiver. It can be a real ballache but give it a go and good luck :+1:t2:

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Wow thanks for your quick replies!

I am really stressed as spent alot of money and practiced on liftoff so feel half ready to just fly but didn’t realise quite how hard it is to set up before flying!

I have some pictures I can send if what I have and hopefully you can help further.

What’s the best email to send you a pictures on?

Thank you so much.

You can try attaching the photos when replying via email, they should then appear here on the site for everyone to see.

Ok I just had to send pics in a new email thread so can you let me know if you can see them?

Thank you

:point_up_2:t2: This lol


@Earwig is your man for FrSky and XM+ lol

@FpvChris you’ll have visit this website to upload the pictures.

Ok I am finding it hard to attach pictures easily on here but hopefully you can see these links below?

If not do you have an email we could communicate over @pingspike?

I really just want to get it sorted so I can fly lol.

Can you tell me what I need to buy and how to go about this please?


@FpvChris did you watch the video I posted about binding FRSky XM+ receiver which Taranis X-lite radio? Did you check the firmware versions are correct?

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Also where abouts are you located in the country? One of us might be close enough that you can meet up for face to face help?

I’m from Milton Keynes and yes face to face help would be my ideal solution but I appreciate it’s people’s time which is why I said I’m happy to pay lol. If anyone sees this and there in or near Milton Keynes I would welcome some help and happy to buy a beer or something.

I will watch that now

This video doesn’t help me much as where do I get them wires from that he plugs into the controller?

Were you able to see my pictures in the links I posted?

No cant see the images Im afraid. You should be able to directly upload the images here

I have put links to them photos in one of my previous posts, I’ll also do it again now below. Let me know if you can see. If not is there any other way of sending?


hes only just joined the forum so his trust level will be too low.

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I thought you could still post photos :man_facepalming:t3: lol

This is what Im getting so Ive requested access and will post back here :+1:t2: