Focus Issue - Mini3 Pro - solved

I took the MIni3 Pro out for a fly this morning, and I see when I get home that one batch (all from one location) are out of focus. It’s the second time this has happened. The other flights either side are perfectly fine - it just seems to be the one flight that had issues. All flights had an ND filter on, so it’s not that. Anyone got any good ideas - I suspect it might be something I’m doing, but I’ve no idea what… you can’t tell on the screen that there’s a problem, so not till I get home do I see there’s an problem… So any advice welcome… thanks

Are you taping the middle of the screen to set focus to infinity once you’ve taken off, Diane? :thinking:

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Have a look at this from @Windswept

I sent mine back for a similar issue

I was fiddling with auto, and pro settings, so no I didn’t… know what - I reckon that’s what it is / was… hmm… stupid operator error… I’ll look at the video anyway…

Thanks all - knew I could rely on this lovely group…

We need another meet up… :slight_smile:

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I knew it was operator error… sigh!

Your wish may be granted soon :wink:

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I’ve had this problem a few times, even though it’s been set on “infinity”. Landing, turning off the drone then restarting solved it for me. :+1:

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