Foggy morning in Portsmouth video clip

A short video clip from the foggy morning around the Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth.

Due to the visibility I couldn’t fly the Mavic2 any distance so I spent most of the time taking photos. I did take a couple of short clips which I have used here but again, because of the visibility, there is only limited movement around the tower.


+1 for using Vimeo too :+1:t2:


Thanks Rich

I think I am starting to be converted to Vimeo. Much simpler and seems better quality when published.


Agreed, I’ve been using Vimeo for over six years now, it’s just cleaner :+1:t2:


Think I will now be moving over :+1:

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Very nice :+1:t2:

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Thanks @Frank

Great little clip.
Have you done the spinikker tower before ?

There are some excellent posts - photos and vids - of Brian’s … and certainly there are some of Spinnaker Tower - day and night.
(Brian’s not been around recently … which I why I replied on his behalf.)

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Great video, love it

Ok cool as, loved it, are you allowed to fly around the tower legally ? just a question as I want to behave ! well where I can lol.

You can fly around the water side at 150m from the tower but there are risks. You need to make very sure you don’t get cut off by a no fly zone firstly. You also need to consider the passing ships underneath, whose upper decks can get quite busy on entering the port which increases the risk. Flying over the land around Gunwharf would be considered a congested area so not allowed without specific insurances and approval.

Having spoken to the guys at the spinnaker tower I have a pending permission when I do my PFCO next month to take off from the base of the tower and film to 50m. This is subject to working out a cordon plan with the Gunwharf management and Harbour master. Will be a really great vid though!