Foggy Sunrise over Portsmouth


I posted some stills at the weekend but have finally managed to put together a short video of the fog over Portsmouth last week. In the video are Spinnaker tower and ‘Lipstick’ tower poking above the fog drifting across the sky. It is the heritage dockyard in the background. The ship coming into harbour was a real lucky bonus. I love the clips above the clouds which was actually mostly taken about 75 meters, though it looks as if it could be from a plane!



That’s SOOOOO beautiful! :+1: :+1: :+1:

The view @ 2:50 !!! :clap: :clap: :clap:



Even better than the stills Brian
Well done



Stunning @BrianB

The music really adds to the atmosphere.


There should be a Videography Order of Merit Badge just for that. Well done @BrianB :clap:


@BrianB Nice view Brian!


Very skillful. Amazing to watch.


I think the last B in @BrianB really stands for “Brian Badge” … since you now have the Movie Director Badge added to your collection. :+1:


That’s a Bloody great Video Brian, Top Draw one that !! even better than the stills !


That IS off the f**king scale!!! Stunningly beautifully amazingly done. :clap::ok_hand:

The ships man, wow. Brilliant.


the consolation with flying above Fog, no basted can see you !!


Top vid Brian well done very professional looking :ok_hand::+1::+1:


Thanks Dave


Thanks Paul, much appreciated


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Thanks guys, really appreciate all the great comments. It was an awesome morning to be flying, one of those very rare times, so I am chuffed I managed to capture that atmosphere in the video.


Beautiful footage. It has inspired me!


Lovele lovely footage ((((((applause))))))))


It wont load for me :frowning:


Then you’ll be spared the sickening feeling that goes along with the “I’ll NEVER get anything that good!” sensation. :wink:


when viewed on a 55 inch screen it has a cgi look about it