Folding Mavic Spark type drone for £10.85.....!


Good toy for kids I suppose rather than risking the real thing


I read further down in the description and they make no bones about it being a Spark rip off:

“S9 is a micro foldable RC quadcopter intended for beginners, which bears the vivid resemblance of the latest DJI drone - Spark”

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I had one of these.

Its tiny but good fun around the house. Battery lasts a few mins.

Good for kids, does flips when you press a button and move in any direction.

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Have you ordered one @linners ?

Found this pic, it really is a micro drone!

That is tiny…!!!

I didn’t get one - wasn’t really interested in it - just a pop up ad that caught my attention

This is tiny and takes quite some skill to fly, good fun though.

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That is just ridiculous :smile:


I’ve had several of them over the last 4 years.

Fun in the dark, too! :+1:

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