Follow camming

Had a go at following my mates plane yesterday, harder than it looks thats for sure!


Nice job Alex, I’ve not tried it but I bet it is hard :+1:t2:


Yeah its really hard to match speed and the constant height adjustments that you cant really predict its very reactive. It would probably help if I followed someone that can fly in a straight line for 10 seconds to be honest.

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Dude that is genuinely super close and really sweet flying! :ok_hand: Is that your first go at it?

I’ve been practicing this with @Jase_MK a few times and largely get no where near him (although, on one occasion… waaaay to near :laughing:)

This is pretty much my best effort, and still not really consistently up close at all. And yup, tracking height, speed and relative distance all at the same time?.. :exploding_head: Bakes my noodle…


Nope. I can assure you… it’s still really frikking difficult. :joy:

Was the plane pilot flying by line of sight? I think that’s harder to follow as you don’t get such a good sense of maintaining an exact altitude and speed from down on the ground. Much easier if the plane pilot is also FPV, ideally with some decent OSD info so they can try to maintain a steady speed and altitude.

When flying with @DaveJaVu , I try to shout out my speed and altitude from time to time, plus give a 3… 2… 1… before a turn or similar so he knows what’s coming up.

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Yeah first attempt that so I hope I will get a lot better, think i need to stop returning to middle stick so habitually as it makes the footage look a bit snappy? jumpy? not smooth anyway. its really effin difficult especially when the person flying the plane doesnt warn you before they do anything. Had another go this weekend with someone that actually warned me…made it a lot easier being prepared than having to play catchup

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Yeah he was flying LOS and told me absolutely nothing, he nearly pulled up straight into my quad a few times etc…didnt really seem to grasp the fact that I can only see whats in front of me, everything else is a blindspot and that he can see the entire sky so needs to be feeding me information.

Also looks like you chaps arent too far away from me.

And here’s when it doesn’t work…

Was (trying) to chase @Jase_MK this PM and tbh my fingers were all over the place. I got 4-5 batteries of being no where near him before stuffing it into the field :man_facepalming: (New frame on order)

Super chase skills! :laughing: - give it some LOUD!

I reckon in oh say, four or five summers we’ll have enough footage for a full edit :grin:

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Crap. Did you plough him?

Sadly not a happy Protek right now! :disappointed:

Didn’t plough me, I was oblivious to it all, happily cruising around. The field got ploughed a bit, though.

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I was doing some last night as well and it was very gusty up there…pretty difficult to get close and feel comfortable about it really.

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