For Sale - TBS SOURCE X Quadcopter, 800mm (MTM), the big one!

I’m offering for sale my newly build Team Black Sheep (TBS) SOURCE X Quadcopter you can see the frame spec >here<

The main parts on this build are:

  • Tarot 5008 340KV 6S motors
  • Tarot 15" x 5.5 folding props
  • Hobbywing X-Rotor 40A 6S ESCs
  • Matek F722SE Flight Controller
  • Matek FCHUB-12S X-Class PDB
  • TBS Crossfire Micro receiver
  • Walksnail Gen.10 GPS and Compass unit
  • TrueRC 5G8 antenna
  • IFLY Finder buzzer, battery backup

Price for above, without any FPV system ONLY £280

Price as above PLUS Walksnail Avatar FPV camera and VTX fitted, ONLY £375

Price with an analogue FPV system fitted, ONLY £340

Currently it has INAV installed, it flies but needs tuning for best performance.
If the buyer prefers Betaflight I can flash it with latest BF version.

This is in excellent condition, bearing in mind the basic offering is valued new at £525 here’s an opportunity to grab a real bargain

I’ve not included the batteries, I run two 6S 120C 2600mAHr LiPo packs,
I can sell these separately if you want them at £45 each.

Location: Nuneaton CV11 4YF
Prefer collection but can arrange carriage by courier at cost if required

Any questions?.. just ask


Awesome deal, @Steviegeek - question if you don’t mind… that frame was intended as a huge racer; would it be possible, and if so, what do you think would it take to tranistion that frame to a cruiser? (not asking if you would do it, just suggestions on what parts would need swapping out by buyer?)

Hi Tommy @smudge202
This offering is probably more suitable for cruising as opposed to high speed racing as it stands.
The motors at 340KV running on 6S will not have the same thrust as a typical SourceX setup for racing.
The go-to racing motor for this frame is a T-Motor F1000 at 510KV, which on a 15" prop will give greater responsivness than this offering on a 340KV.
All other parts, ESC, PDB etc. are all good for cruising.

What I’m trying to say is, if you buy this it will cruise nicely, but if you want to race it to hell be prepared to change the motors, or just buy something else.

Steve :smiley:

PS a selection of spare props will be supplied :+1:

Bumping this :grinning:


For avoidance of doubt - Outside my budget at moment.

Does it have a borometer ?
Does it do positions hold ?
Cruise time with a 2600mAHr LiPo packs ?

Yes (on INAV)
Don’t know (not been used that much)