Forest Bando Fun 🌲

First visit to this popular FPV spot at an abandoned / derelict factory in the middle of the forest. Had the place to myself on a glorious afternoon. Soooo many power loop dreams! :joy: Played it fairly safe in the end… I have no idea how the freestyle loonies do it tbh… bigger balls / skills / pockets than I for sure.


No that feeling :+1:t2:


Certainly want to visit this spot sometime, all that metal must be a bugger with RF though.

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I’m sure they speed up the playback :wink:

Yours looks (more) super impressive at 4x

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Tbh, I’m on digital and not a flicker to the point where I didn’t even think about it.

Sounds good then, i assume on DJI? those systems dont flicker due to interference they “slow down” instead, unless it gets reaaaaally bad anyway.

Where abouts in the country is this spot? i fancy a go if its not miles away

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You’ll be fine to try it. There’s no roofs to get stuck on


Yup, DJI - flicker was just a turn of phrase tbh. I actually prefer the way analogue gets sketchy compared to digital tbh! It can go from mildly pixelated to completely oh s*it really quickly! :laughing:

Yeh same, cant deal with the slowdowns at all thats why sharkbyte has me veeeerrry interested…but i think ill be upgradting to TBS crossfire before I upgrade to Sharkbyte.

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Ah! - sorry, location is near Woburn Sands…

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Oh awesome thats really not far from me, could easily pop up there on a weekend for a fly.

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