Formation Flying? -

Caught on my security camera. :wink:


Very Jack & Vera :wink:

HaHa. That took me a couple of seconds. Not watched it for over 10 years.

Just googled it and they been dead for 9 and 11 years. Mrs is an avid fan, I stay out of the way.

So those are pictures of ghost birds…?
Seeing as they have been dead for years OR am I missing something

I thought a Lancashire lad would have had the flying birds above the fireplace as a lad (and probably still)

Bye elk lad I don’t know what tha meens

We couldn’t afford fireplaces we did have paraffin heaters (didn’t want to mention I knew what they happened to be )
And a lamp in the outside kazy to stop it freezing up

That was very close to the mark.
It’s a ghost image of a single bird flying through the clip. :grin:

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