FOUND - Helicopter in Darlington

Thought I would post up this FOUND notice just in case any of the members might know of anyone who has lost a RC helicopter.

Was found whilst out walking the dog today. I am Darlington based.

There will be some distinguishing features the owner would be aware of, still got its battery, etc attached, so I am guessing a possible Flyaway.

Give me a shout if you know of anyone who might have lost it.


Thanks for sharing Graeme, good to see you’re still around mate :smiley:

I pop in daily to see what’s happening. Its been a tough 18month after loosing my wife of 44yrs to cancer, which has knocked the life out of me.

Just waiting for a little better weather when I can try and get back into the flying. Time to get back out there now.

I do like popping in and seeing what everyone is up to, and looking at the fantastic pics and vids that get up, and its that which is driving me to get the gear out again.