FPV build on Cetus X remains project

Hi! Lost my second Cetus X FPV. First one sank in a pond. So now I have googles, RC, motors, frame, VTX with camera, batteries.
With all that, have strong desire to build something new on this basis - better smaller than bigger, add GPS, Buzzer.
Any opinions on what all-in-one controller and frame will fit?
I look towards something smaller that 3.5 inch if this sounds wise.
Thanks to all ideas…

Are these salvaged Cetus parts you’re using (motors, frame, VTX with camera)? If not, what exactly do you have to play with?

yes, these parts are from the drowned one. After cleaning and draining, all parts work except of the flight controller. the last works as well, but it constantly starts 3 motors of 4…(yes, I tried swaping motors - no effect)

Hard not to make another Cetus. :laughing:

Maybe a 1s toothpick?

Although if you’re wanting a buzzer and GPS, you might have to upscale the FC?

And then maybe you’d be looking at a slightly bigger frame, and then the motors aren’t up to it, and before you know it you’re buying a 4ft agricultural hexacopter. :rofl:

Or maybe…

thanks, will read though your ideas. As to agricultural one - not today, but nothing is impossible.

No worries. I’m sure there’ll be other suggestions from some of the FPV guys.

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Ok, I’ve revise the avaliable options and see, that my first attempt to start a custom build will fail… Too many variables unknown, and have to be tested in vivo. That will not save any money on the avaliable parts. Thank you for yor help any way.

You’re in the wrong hobby for that. :rofl:

It’s somewhat akin to building PCs. Yes, they’re upgradable, but invariably upgrading one thing requires you also upgrade something else and before you know it the only thing that’s original is the case and hard drives.

If you’re up for doing a custom build, decide what you’re aiming for, get your ideal parts list together, and then start scouring all the suppliers to see who’s actually got stock. It’s all part of the fun…

Or try and find a BnF that fits the bill.

yes, sounds wise. As for saving, as im lazy, i thought saving money will be a good push to move forward. Ok, at least I learned a lot of new words :slight_smile: