FPV Competition - Perch & Orbit Combo 10/7 to 7/8

Congratulations to @SirGunner & @gunja99 who where the top two pilots for the latest trick challenge.


They have decided that the next trick will be a combo of a Perch and an Orbit.
Fairly self explanatory, but can be difficult to execute smoothly and accurately.

You perch your uav


Then take off said perch structure and orbit it round and round (the bend)


Here are some example tutorials. May the bravest person be victorious!

Ive never done a Perch before but someone mentioned to me that it can be easier if you turn Airmode off (or maybe put it on a switch)

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Sounded a good idea at the time. But wtf me gonna perch on? Hmmm…

If you are going to disarm to perch then make sure pit mode etc is turned off on disarm lol…

Finding where to perch will be the easier part… lol

BTW, how many “laps” should we do for the orbit?

@sirgunner as fellow picker, shall we say just at least one?

With the steele video he says “look… it’s easy to do once you in the move, but really hard to get into that position”, and at no point shows you how to get into the “position”… Better find some others.

Did you not follow the 0.25mm stick movements in the tiny stick cam window? Tchuh! :roll_eyes:

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Air mode on a switch 100% :+1:t2:

Bardwell did quite an extensive one…

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Pffft, wonder what this “competition” will cost us all… Hah! Better get the sim out again!

I think thats fair :+1:t2:

Well, maybe if we keep low to the ground there shouldn’t be much damage…
The tricky bit will be to perch and then transition into an orbit (or vice-versa).

Already searching for a target to practice on…

All dignity for a starter :laughing:

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You guys call the shots on this one! Whatever you say goes… lol

Meh, any landing that bounces less than 5 times and stays withing a 2m diameter is a good one for me, think I’m going to really struggle with the perching bit, and then also with the orbiting bit…

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lol I can’t land on a picnic blanket yet, well not the right way up. Think the first bit of the practice, will be 3 packs of just landing on solid ground!

Pretend you’re skilled by practicing in a sim. :wink:


Well I believe SIMs are allowed!! And TBH that was great, was angle mode but is that a whoop too? Why not practise. Love it :slight_smile:

If it was angle mode it was by accident because I hate flying angle mode; it screws my acro up. :laughing: But, yes, it’s the “tiny racer” or whatever it’s called in Velocidrone. The little red whoop. Certainly makes things a little more sedate.

Ha! It bloody was angle. That might explain why I was struggling to do certain things. Hold my beer… :beer:

Drank it, to wash down all my popcorn!

I’m actually practicing whoop racing in angle, and yeah it’s weird when back out with the bigger quads in acro :wink: