FPV Competition - Perch & Orbit Combo 10/7 to 7/8

This is my entry - a perch and orbit of the trig point at Harborough Rocks on a windy day with a brilliant sunset. (14/7/22)


You found the perfect spot for it… nice one.

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Great job there Brendan :clap:t2: Shows us all how to do it :smiley:

WAY better pilot than his dad :laughing:

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Its definitely a young mans game this fpv lark :laughing:

Who you calling old?

No one but if its hit a nerve then just maybe… :wink: :laughing:

On this forum, take your pick

NOT AN ENTRY as it’s a complete fail. Being a little too ambitious

Ive seen people ‘Perch’ buy just hovering perfectly while resting 1 or 2 arms onto something really thin like a rope or rail :star_struck: Will that be allowed if anyone can do it?

If I could do that, I’d be made up. If I ever win this comp, my trick will be the grind. Sort of similar and bloody hard

This is accepted on account of being way too cool

Everyone vote for Karl, I want to see a grind :star_struck:

Not sure I want to see Karl grinding.

Its ok he’ll be wearing (only) the pink tutu Jez :laughing:

This kind of ‘Perch’ looks much better when filmed by someone else on a phone or something :star_struck:

This will be effin hard…


Attempt 2


Ahhh that’s why you spent 30 minutes in that tree! You’d get my vote lol