FPV Competition - Perch & Orbit Combo 10/7 to 7/8

Ps did you really think you could perch that?

Thought I might get lucky :poop:

You entered into the wrong competition Karl, Orbit and Kamikaze combo are next week :smiley:

Birds perch in a tree, so why not me? :grin:

If you pull it off it will look awesome :grin:

@notveryprettyboy Check this out :star_struck:

Wow now that’d be an entry. How much stick time these guys get? I need a local local for local carpark bashing. We did a retail park carpark a few weeks back. Quite good fun tbh


Airmode now sucks

Yeah it doesn’t help with a perch apparently lol Ive not had a chance to try it yet, still gotta repair my quad and been way too busy at work this week :roll_eyes:

Work??!?!? Phhhht

My Entry… a little less ambitious… Perch and Orbit on a nice 1950s miltary camp table…
3" Tadpole HDzero
R/C Heli Field
16th July 2022
Put through Gyroflow to fix the camera lens distortion… hence the interesting OSD!


It’s your last weekend chimps to get your fpv trick entry in.
Stop being erm, a lazy cat. That’s right!


I think theres a spelling mistake here :laughing:

This competition has now ended


Please vote for your favourite trick, voting ends Friday night, with the winner choosing the next one