FPV Competition - Split S 14-6 to 3-7 Vote for the winner


Our boy from Brazil has named our next trick.

Not only to learn, but to master with flowy juicyness. The classic Split S. Please see below for instructions.

This was actually our first trick in the fpv comp. But as new guys are joining, and the past entries were, well, fairly moribund, it’s good for us all to keep revisiting old tricks for our advancing muscle memory.


This will run from 14-6 to 3-7 inclusive (it’s in the title, but I know a lot of you gutter boys start a sentence but can’t be bothered to finish it).

Good luck and lets see some crazy sh!t.



And my entry…


Hoping whether allows this weekend!

Just in case I cant get out for a quickie tomorrow


Cant believe theres only 2 entries so far :exploding_head:

Heres mine from Bennerley Viaduct this week


Here;s my entry… its actually 2 takes of it, hope this is ok, if not let me know and I’ll chop one off…


I was just about to trawl through all the videos I’ve taken since the comp. started. Fortunately, 10 seconds into the very first one I picked, this happened. :grin:

Majestic and sweeping, I think you’ll find. I could spend the next couple of hours continuing with my search, but honestly I doubt I’ll find anything better. :slight_smile:


This one came out pretty crisp but it’s nothing overly exciting, except that I was showing off a bit to some of the teenagers who hang out at the park and sit on top of the shipping container. :rofl:


Well just in time I think. Apologies for teh DVR footage. Please use the first one as my entry. Thanks :slight_smile: Custom 5 inch on DJI Vista, taken today (Sunday 3rd July)

This is why I had to use DVR footage :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Won’t turn on any more, lol


@gunja99 are you sure those are Split-S?

I mean it’s a really nice move… but you’re yawing rather than rolling?

Yes it is a split s. A smooth one was told off for being too jerky with em!

I think the issue is he’s already pretty much pointing at the ground when he starts rolling. Had to watch it back at 0.25x to be sure.

Hmmm I think I can see what you’re on about… it’s certainly smooth… maybe too smooth. :wink:

Pfft calling my moves out at 5 to midnight on deadline day…

lol… well if you will post at 30 to midnight!

If you don’t like that one, what’s this one like?

Jerky, clunky moves :wink:


Heh, only got home at 23:00 thought was doing well… Acquired another quad today… ergh…

That one I prefer… as it’s more clearly a Split S.

You see… if it was in a freestyle video then I’d be impressed with your first one… but… I’m just not sure I’d call it a Split S…

It’s the pitching forward before the roll that’s not helping.

Edit: First one is certainly the smoother though. :slight_smile:

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