FPV Competition Vanny Roll 6/5 to 5/6

Our illustrious, new fpv king, @richardmarsh888 has hereby decreed that the next fpv trick to master shall be the VANNY ROLL

This is a manoeuvre that requires a little trust in yourself as you do the beef of the trick flying backwards.

Good luck guys. This trick will be mastered by yourselves by the sundown 5th June


First attempt. Its not too hard I think, but getting it neat and tidy IS hard. Its going to take some practise from me.


In My Head, it says Fanny roll :rofl:

The guy, Vannover, is a bit of a fanny. His mum complained when he didnt win an fpv race comp :laughing: he got slated for it

Fanny Roll :rofl:


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here is my fanny vanny roll Entry


Oh ffs just seen this. All my quads in good working order. Don’t need another challenge … Next week’s projects… Rebuild em after trying a vanny roll…

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Fanny roll as Wayne stated.
Its bloody hard to perfect

Charging some packs to have a crack at this later today. Hopefully the Evoque will survive all the fuck ups :crossed_fingers:t2: :rofl:

Just tell it that it’s a Fanny roll it will perform like a stallion :horse::racehorse::joy: good luck :crossed_fingers:

Cheers Wayne gonna need it lol


Didnt get out yesterday in the end as the Mrs decided we had to go looking for garden furnature :man_facepalming:t3: Gonna get out today though so :crossed_fingers:t2: lol

Has she decided you can play out today #pinkticket

As long as Im back in time for dinner and dont talk to strangers while Im out :laughing:

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You can take the tutu home with you :joy:

Its practically mine anyway Ive worn it so much :rofl:

my contribution


Perfectly done :+1:t2:Btw It’s been renamed the Fanny Roll :smile:



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@Sparkyws , @richardmarsh888 TY Guys!