FPV Inverted Yaw Spin Competition 4-4-22 to 1-5-22

The one and only drift chaser Kris has chosen our next trick



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Put simply, you rotate your chosen craft upside down, then spin round and round (the bend).

The tricky bits.

Whilst yawing, you may need to mix in some roll to make it look good. The key is getting your upside down horizon correct for your camera angle. Also,you may have a tendancy to raise the throttle whilst performing said yaw, which is not ideal seeing as you’re upside down hurtling via gravity towards the ground.


If you want to stand out, maybe even do it through a gap (the top of the towers)?
Or perhaps do the old classic Top Gun to another quad…


Here is one of many tips from Youtube

Good luck girls and don’t lose that loving feeling

If you get a nice clip of the colour GREEN, why not enter it into the Fundamental colour challenge too.


oh yes my type of trick he he :laughing: :sweat_smile:


Bet @notveryprettyboy has ago at it :grin:

Are you gonna have a crack at it with your DJI FPV Drone as well Steve? :grin:


With my 360 camera on it :grin::grin:

Crack that dji on acro mode and nail it chief

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no cheating :smiley:

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bring it on ! :slight_smile:

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Will give this a try. I’ve not had much to repair for a while :grin:


My provisional entry


I am also entering! My bank manager set a minimum height for this attempt.:slightly_smiling_face:


I had a few attempts and this is probably as close as I’m going to get. :grin:


Jez. Increase your low end pitch and roll expo. It’ll make your flying well smoother and flowy :wink:

Above the sea too, ballsy! :smiley:


Blinking heck… Over water… I know who’s getting my vote right now…

Still to submit an entry, my only attempt at weekend ended in… Well drone hitting ground :wink:

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So after a few failed attempts I managed to get a pretty good inverted yaw spin before yet-again, as it had been doing on several other attempts the 5" quad desynced…

I think the old RacerStar motors I’d been given with the frame are on their last legs. The desyncs have been a constant problem with this quad. I have tried messing with ESC and BF settings to no avail. They were free after all… I think it’s time for some new ones.


What frame your using as you got serious vibrations going on there

Its a qav210… they’re usually a lot worse than that…

Not sure if sim counts but I had a little play on sim this morning and done some inverted yaw spins
If sum counts count it in otherwise will do it today when I go out


Sims are ok. But the weather is lovely :grin: