FPV Parts review. What have you bought and is it any good?

Hi all.
This is a thread to post your review of that new part you have just bought from your local / non local FPV supplier.
Hopefully, with the aid of the site search mechanism, users here can get a balanced opinion on their potential purchase that is residing in your basket.

I’ll kick this off with a recent purchase:

Steele 5 drone frame (link below).


  • This frame will fit a mini camera (so you can adapt it to fit a micro or nano);
  • It will fit a double stack (4 in 1 esc & fc) in the centre;
  • It has a rear part for either analogue or a hd vtx;
  • The arms are 5mm thick which is a must and are suitable for separate esc’s;
  • It’s very cheap.


  • The supplied lipo pad is not very grippy. Best to use ummagrip;
  • The rear section means that you cannot use 51xx props. 50xx only;
  • If you break an arm, the whole centre stack must be lifted. Not a quick repair;
  • You will probably find that you’ll have to rotate your 4 in 1 esc 180 degrees. So motor mapping required.

Overall, I like the frame. Its light, compact and there are plenty of stl’s for upgrades.


Good idea for a thread @notveryprettyboy

I’ve just started my new FPV frame build, I’ll post up when finished :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great idea for a thread Karl :+1:t2: Just a quick question mate. Why can’t you use 51xx props? I’ve been using 5150 props on mine with no issues so far.
On my build I used the velcro lipo grip because it was lighter so not tried the rubber grip yet. Also I’m pretty sure (although not tried it yet) you can change an arm by just undoing the 2 screws and then loosening the other screws on the underside of the frame.

I really like that 3D printed vtx mount, looks great :ok_hand:t2:

I found that my 51xx props hit the rear standoffs. Is your frame the exact copy of my apex copy?
Also, the grip nuts for the arms in my frame seem to spin if the arm bolt isn’t tightened enough. So if I undo the inner arm bolt, its tricky to get the nut back in place

Looking at mine against yours they look identical but they might be slightly different copies of the Apex. I think there are a few different copies available. Which 51xx props are you using Karl?

Are these props endorsed by the late, great Mr Van Halen? :grin:

Are they pressed tight enough into the carbon? on my new frame I had to use a really strong press at work to get mine in

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It’s literally 1mm

I think so. They looked flush. Knowing me, they wont be :grin:


Hmmm. Some of my 51xx props fit, others don’t.

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When you put the frame together did you have a small carbon block that sits in the middle aligning all the arms?

Thats a bit weird, alot of my props are 51xx and I have loads of excess space. I’ll take a pic and post it soon

No. I’ve seen that on the apex though

For 20 quid, I’m happy :grin: Mine’s the copy of the copy

Don’t shout at me but…,
Is it a true X or could the front and rear arms be swapped or upside :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

It should be a true X and all the arms should be identical front, back and whichever way around they are. It’s one of the reasons I chose the frame as you only have to carry one type of spare arm Steve :+1:t2:

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All the arms are the same, but only go one way round. I checked that.


Jumper T-Lite transmitter review, courtesy of @SirGunner

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Glowing review eh Steve :laughing:

A review is a review. Good or bad?

Here’s some of my 51xx props on the Apex HD copy

Azure Power 5148

Dalprop Spitfire 5148.5

Azure Power 5148

HQProp 5151

Hurricane 51499

I’ve just taken another look at your frame and there are some minor differences. Mine looks to be a slimmed down cheaper version.
Although your frame will take 51xx props, as illustrated via your uploaded images, I believe my frame is far superior and will be more supreme in flight. Sorry mate. That’s the way the cookie crumbles :laughing:

Just what we need Steve @SirGunner
Honest comments from a ‘real’ user, not a paid YT’er saying everything new is ‘fantastic’

If any of us see somebody posting their comments on something they have bought, FPV related, let’s link it to this thread of Karl’s @notveryprettyboy :+1:

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