FPV Power Loop Competition 20/2/22 - 27-3-22

Our recent winner, the ayatollah of rock and rolla, aka @benb1202 has given us our next challenge


All you need to do is go forward, then go up whilst pitching back in a 360 degree circle. But be careful with that throttle, or you’ll end up slamming into the ground.


If you can do this around an obstacle or gap, then all the better!

Please remember that these competitions are here to improve your skills, so give it a try. And try again.

Up for grabs is a Runcam analogue fpv camera. So…



My provisional entry until I rebuild my quad


What… no Rubix Cube halfway through the powerloop Karl? :grin:


Fucking shark byte. Kept cutting after the first crash. SIGH

Yeah I used to get that too, then it would come back on after power cycling :man_shrugging:

Looks simple enough :thinking: :flushed:

I might get out tomorrow for a crack at it. If not next weekend :+1:t2:


Nearly forgot to throw one of these in this morning. I was very low-key pootling about.

I didn’t break nothing*, though. I managed one belly-flop that somehow resulted in a broken XT60 connector on the Nazgul. Probably the cheapest day out yet. :rofl:
* Note confusing correct usage of a double negative. :grin:


Can I ask, with the Google’s that FPV users wear, do they not make you feel sick? Only thing I can compare it to is when I bought a PSVR headset for VR games. Used it about 5 times as felt like I wanted to vomit all the time, never touched it since.


It takes a few mins to get used to it.

I found that sitting down helped when i first started fpv.

The only time I’ve felt sick is when I’ve flown the DJI fpv sim


It’s completely different to VR. There’s not really the same sense of immersion. It’s just like watching TV, only the TV is very small and right in front of your eyes. At least, that’s my take on it.


I had these exact worries before ai started. VR headsets make me feel really sick after about 5mins max :face_vomiting:
After trying FPV goggles it does feel a little strange at first and can be a little disorientating to start with but for me its nothing like the sicky feeling of VR. If youre interested the best thing you can do is go along to one of the meets and try someone elses goggles out to get a feel for it :+1:t2:

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Nothing special but here is my entry in to challenge


Thanks for the replies. Id like to give it a bash one day I reckon, but will keep a sick bag in hand just in case …

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If it helps, i get travel sick if I’m a passenger in a car, but I’m ok if driving. The concentration needed for fpv should take your mind off any motion sickness


Yup, mine too. I have a VR headset that I use a fair bit and I can get a bit queasy with that occasionally. Because the image moves with your head movements, it starts to become a balance/inner ear thing which is a whole different kettle of fish to just watching, say, a rollercoaster on the TV. Never had any nausea with FPV goggles.

I need to get out powerlooping, can we have some decent weather please.


That depends on the goggles, my DJI goggles its like being at the cinema :star_struck:

Well, yes, it’s all relative. My 7" phone at arm’s length subtends the same visual arc as my 42" TV across the room when I’m sitting on the sofa. The “TV” in my goggles is indeed very small but being inches from your eyes makes for a similar view.

But you know all this. You just couldn’t resist the opportunity for a DJI fanboi post. :wink::rofl: