FPV Simulators and M2 Macbooks Controller Compatability

Could not see anything that specifically answers this question for me and google has also been a bit hit and miss on this topic.

I have a DJI FPV Controller 2 and I want to use a Simulator on a Macbook running the M2 CPU - there seems to be issues around drivers for the controller - DJI Assistant 2 is not compatible for this reason ( I could also not get the work arounds to work )

So I am a little concerned if I was to pay for the Steam version of Lift Off will my controller work ? The FPV SkyDive app does seem to work to a degree so I have a bit of a feeling that it will work but not overly sure

Anyone got this setup running - Macbook M2 with Steam and LiftOff with a FPV controller 2 ?


Yeah works fine, you have to use the dongle the correct end. Can’t remember which end the dongle goes in right now but you need to get a usb A to usb c dongle. So from usbc controller to usa A cable then dongle from usb a to usb c on the mac.

Basically it has to get converted to usb a for some reason first. A usb c to usb c cable just doesnt work.

All works fine on my mac and also this solves your DJI assistant issue too.

Hope that helps.


Awesome. Thanks.

Yeah had the same issue with the free sim I tried and put the dongle in ( USB C to A) and that worked so yeah all should be good.

Will try the assistant app to be 100% sure then I will be good to go

Just tested and works a treat - many thanks